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Jurgen Klopp provides an update on the injury situation

Klopp’s response on the injury status of key defenders

Speaking to the club’s website, [coach 455353] said, “It’s different (for each of them). I think there is absolutely no doubt Joel can play on Tuesday.

“Trent looks for me like (he can) but I will have to speak to the medical department and they will tell me if it is too early. I don’t think (it is), I think he could play a few minutes on Tuesday.

“Then, Joe and Virgil are in a similar situation – not exactly the same, but similar. Both have done parts of our normal training and then they have to do extra parts.

“Yesterday we had to do some sprints – hard sprints and these kind of things, which we didn’t do in the normal training – so they do extra stuff and sometimes a little bit less if the things what we are doing is too intense for them. They are getting closer and closer, that’s the impression we have.

“What they did in training so far worked really well and we will see when we can involve them in complete normal training – I don’t know that and I don’t rush it either. It makes no sense, we waited so long and now we can wait a few days longer, that’s no problem.”

Klopp further talked about Joe Gomez, “Not at all. No setbacks at all. Not for Joe, nothing – he’s trained completely normal.

“That’s the thing, these boys are not injured anymore, they are just not at 100 per cent yet. There are usually setbacks but so far there were no setbacks with Joe and Virgil and nobody (else) – they are all fine. What they had to do they did, no reaction with the knee, nothing, all fine. The world wide web had obviously too much time.”

What did Trent say?

[player 1917], who also spoke with the club’s website said, ([I’m) fully pain-free. I’ve been doing a lot of rehab when we were off over the summer with the physios and the medical staff, which was good for me.

“I feel fit, I feel healthy and I’m back in full training now, so it’s good. It’s good for me.

“I’ve done quite a few sessions with the lads now, I feel fit enough to play. But the decision comes from the manager, the staff and obviously the medical staff, they need to talk and see if it’s worth the risk.

“If not, there’s a game on Friday as well, so whether it’s a case of a few minutes on Tuesday and play a bit more on Friday (against Mainz), ease me in like that, who knows? Either way, I’ll be ready to play.”

Will Liverpool start the season with first-choice defenders?

It is highly likely that the start of the season will see the return of [player 1743]. Even the possibility of it is something that has massively uplifted the [team 8] fanbase. The Dutchman’s significance in this side is unquestionable. His absence in the [league 1326]  was detrimental to the failure of the [team 18694] as they lost to the [team 18718] in the first round of the knockout stages.

Liverpool will want to start the season with their first choice defence but [player 1453] and [player 1920] could miss the start or be on the bench. The impressive youngster, [player 100556] could partner Van Dijk for the first [league 8]. It could also be [player 1494396] who partners Van Dijk but [team 78] are said to be heavily interested in signing him.

However, after a dreadful campaign last season, Liverpool will hope to challenge [team 9] and potentially win the League.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With the season’s start not so far, Liverpool boss updates the situation of two of his first-team players.

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