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Jose Enrique warns Mo Salah against a potential Liverpool exit

What was said by Jose Enrique?

Speaking to Sportbible, Enrique said, “I think it would be a big loss for him and for the club (if he left).”

“At the moment he is being completely respectful. I respect both sides, to be honest. Salah is seeing other world-class players who are playing in different positions but are earning a lot more than him.

“He could ask ‘why am I not earning what they are earning? I am the best player this season in the [league 8], and in the world as well.

“What is the risk if Salah opts to leave the Reds? Where is he going to go? To [team 3468], [team 591]… places like that.

“Yes, they will pay you more but are you going to be as happy as you are at Liverpool? You are a hero. You are a legend. If you stay at the club you can probably become the biggest player ever for the club, if he keeps doing these kinds of numbers.

“It would be a massive mistake from both sides (if he left).”

Should Liverpool break the structure to keep their star player?

[player 4125] has been one of the best players in the Premier League era. A player who was ridiculed at [team 18] and after spells at [team 109] and [team 37] signed for Liverpool. Most of the fans were unhappy with this signing. The fee Liverpool paid for him was around 35 million.

What followed was simply marvellous. [team 8] ended their long wait for a Premier League title and won the [league 2]. Salah’s impact on Liverpool was huge. His goals were crucial, and his work rate was also second to none.

Not taking anything away from Salah, but it has to be considered that [coach 455353] is a big reason behind Salah’s superb career. Like Salah, [player 1389] and [player 1461] were also unknown, average players when Klopp took over. Still, his coaching skills made them one of the best front three in the Premier League era.

Also, [player 1078], [player 323], [player 1920], and [player 159917] were doubtful players who apparently didn’t have a bright future. Klopp’s coaching has been massive behind the performances this unit has produced.

Of course, after seeing Salah’s numbers, it’s nearly impossible to argue that the club should sign as soon as possible. However, if you look a bit deeper, there are reasons which make it feel right not to break the structure for one player. Of course, one of them is his age, and the other is Klopp’s influence on Salah.

Jota and [player 241036] are two players with a very similar profile but are performing impressively under the German boss. Maybe another signing such as [player 1592] or [player 160258] could replace the current front three for the long term.

There is a big argument that wherever Salah goes, his performances could see a drop-off. This is because his success at Liverpool was based on a system built around him and Mane. The false nine, the overlapping full-back, and the covering midfielder played a big part in Salah’s brilliant performances. If he leaves, there is a huge doubt if he will get a similar platform given his age.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With the Egyptian’s contract talks not reaching any positive conclusion, former Liverpool player, Enrique has warned the Egyptian.

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