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Jose Enrique urges Liverpool to make a couple of signings

What did Jose Enrique say?

While speaking to Goal, the Spaniard said, “There are definitely a few areas that need strengthening to be honest, but if I had to pick one, I would go for a striker or someone who can play across the front three.

“I think we need a player similar to ( [player 159917] ) Jota or a proper No 9. When I say a proper No 9, I mean a player that is strong, can head balls and what you’d call a typical English striker.

“They need someone who can do the high pressing that Klopp demands, but when you have [player 1917] and [player 1078] crossing the ball we can be dangerous with someone who can head a ball.

“I think we see Liverpool put a lot of crosses into the box, but we don’t have anyone who can take those chances other than ( [player 1389] ) Mane.

“I believe they can sell players like ( [player 1714] ) Shaqiri, ( [player 1472] ) Origi and ( [player 52671] ) Minamino so they will be able to bring in a number eight as well. With those two positions, I believe it will have been a good transfer window.”

Jose further added, “If you look at the performance from the first game against [team 33] (a 3-0 win), you would think Liverpool didn’t need anyone.

“It was a good result, but the reality is that Mane and ( [player 4125] ) Salah will be going to the Africa Cup of Nations in January. I don’t see the replacements apart from Jota and ( [player 1461] ) Firmino, so another one needs to come in.

“You look at the other teams, [team 18] have just won the Champions League and they go out and buy [player 995] for nearly £100m. To win the Premier League and fight in the other trophies, you need to spend the money.

“I don’t expect Liverpool to go out and spend £100m on players, but I can see them going out and spending 40, 50 or 60m if there’s a player for them.

“With the signing of [player 100556] and the selling Liverpool have done so far, they’re actually in profit. I know that Liverpool are trying to tie down contracts which is great, but we need more, especially when you look at PSG who are really strong in the Champions League.

“It depends where Liverpool want to be, do they want to be a top four team or be a team that fights for title? There were a lot of injuries last season and they still managed to finish in the top four, but this season I believe it will be more difficult.

“We have ( [player 1743] ) van Dijk, ( [player 1920] ) Matip and ( [player 1453] ) Gomez back, but at the same time Lukaku has gone to Chelsea, Grealish to Man City and United have spent big on ( [player 95807] ) Varane and Sancho. If Liverpool want to compete with those teams, then they need to spend the money as well.”

Liverpool to win the League?

Given the transfer activity, it’s hard to pick [team 8] to win the [league 8]. The only reason they are in the conversation is because of their manager. The German has worked wonders with this group of players.

Despite a low net spend compared to [team 9], [team 14], Chelsea and [team 591], the reds won the Champions League and the Premier League with 99 points. Given [coach 455353]’s record at [team 68] and Liverpool, he can win the League or the European Cup this season. However, his head-to-head competitors have strengthened strongly this summer.

In the League, all of his three rivals have signed some big players. [player 538034] at United, Lukaku at Chelsea and [player 1116] at Man City are significant arrivals. In the [league 2], PSG’s squad looks extraordinary with [player 184798]’s arrival. Also, the likes of [team 503] and [team 625] are going to be stronger.

Liverpool are not expected to win major silverware this season. However, with Klopp at the helm, it is not far from a possibility.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

The former reds defender has sent Man City and Chelsea warnings to Liverpool regarding the activity in the transfer market.

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