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John Barnes says United’s best option is to keep Ole

John Barnes’s opinion on Ole’s situation

Speaking to BonusCodeBets, Barnes said, “I don’t think a better coach will come in at this moment in time.

“Ole has to be given an opportunity to turn it around. That is what United have to now focus on: not the individuals but the balance of the team and the responsibility of the players.

“The players know when they lose they’re not going to get the blame and it’s going to be Ole’s fault. Antonio Conte is out there but Solskjaer is in the job. I would never call for a manger to be sacked – I always look to the players and think they have to take responsibility.”

“If a new manager comes in and they start to perform, why weren’t they performing under Ole. It’s too easy to blame the manager. [coach 455361], [coach 455353], [coach 523937] and [coach 455358] are probably the best around but they’re in jobs.

“Conte’s the only one out of work who could come in, but I don’t think there are many big name managers out there. It might have to be someone else with a good reputation.”

Has John Barnes made a fair point?

I can confidently say that John Barnes is drastically incorrect in what he says about the situation. The former [team 8] great says that no top manager would want to go to [team 14]. I mean, how is that possible? Look at the squad, It’s a world-class squad with top quality players in nearly every single position.

Look at what Conte did with [team 18] back in 2017. Also, what he recently did with [player 2930] shows that he has every capability of getting the club where they belong. I understand the ownership at Man United is not a pleasing one but that is the situation at most of the top clubs nowadays. He could play a slightly pragmatic style but that is something that suits United massively. On a number of occasions, [coach 524307] has played a low block with pacy counter-attacking players at the top end. A style that brings the best out of the likes of Rashford, [player 1829], [player 820] and Sancho.

Also, [coach 455384] is known to have a great relationship with [player 1992], a player that has struggled under every manager since joining the club. If Conte comes to United, the chances of Pogba gaining some form are higher than they are right now.

Conte’s high tactical adaptability is another key asset here. He will do something similar to what Tuchel did at Chelsea in his first few games. Defensively solid and efficient on the break. With players like Ronaldo, Bruno, Rashford and Sancho, Conte could seriously win the [league 8] or the [league 2] with this group.

As far as the defence is concerned, Conte is known for improving defenders. [player 334] and [player 1333] were at the heart of Chelsea’s defence when they won the League under Conte. Their fullbacks were average players like [player 496] and [player 1128] who were turned into title winners by the brilliance Conte. Although Ronaldo is totally different player than [player 1339] was at Chelsea, Conte has got more than enough to build a team around [player 580] with the correct usage of [player 538034], [player 129602] and [player 1878].

With all due respect to Barnes’s opinion, I find it extremely hard to understand that a manager wouldn’t want to sign for a club of that stature and with players of world-class calibre. He did make a lot of fair points but he got one of them wrong in my opinion.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With rumours about Zidane and Conte incoming, a Liverpool legend has shared an unusual opinion about the Man United manager.

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