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Italian Serie A could start with training May 4

May 3, 2020 is the next date when many hopes of Italians might come true. It is the date when the national quarantine might end. If this will be the case, Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora hopes that Italian Serie A participants could start training on May 4.

As for now, there are some promising numbers from Italy to be seen. The peak of new Coronavirus cases has been reached by March 22 and from then on there is a constant daily decline. The same goes for the number of deaths as the maximum has been reached March 28. On the other side the average 4000 new cases daily and over 400 deaths is far from great.

The re-start of Serie A has still not been set, but for now it is sure the football action will be played behind closed doors. Italian Serie A football can be played until the end of January 2021. According to information from Mediaset, this is one of the options acceptable for the Italian Government.


This season of Italian Serie A can be played until the end of January 2021

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