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Is Sheffield going to break the curse? Newcastle vs Sheffield match preview and prediction

Sheffield seems to be in a decent form and if the appeal of Manchester City will not be successful, the recent position after 29 rounds is giving them a fantastic opportunity to play in the UEFA League. They however need points since the position is being looked at by the Reds and possibly some others.

The next round is for ‎The Blades, an away game in the stadium of the Tottenham. This might sound like some good news for Sheffield, but only until you look at the head to head statistics of both of them. The next fixture is going to be a tough one, since the last 4 clashes were a win for ‎The Magpies.

Just in the case you are trying to wrap your brain about what the hell am I saying…. Yes. The last match was played in 2019 ([fixture 11867369]) and then the mentioned 3 in 2010, 2009 and 2007. Based on the last result, when Newcastle took the win on the home stadium of Sheffield it is hard to make too much sense of the mutual matches. The math has to come up with the EPL results.

Let’s have a look at what it says. The odds for the home win of Newcastle jumped from the opening values of 2.86 to 3.31. Such a huge jump is not that common and it is leaving me with a question. Why? What the hell is the bookmaker doing? Such a mess… Nevermind. The jump is giving us a value for the home win, since our predictions say 3.13. This value is however a small one and I am not sure about it. Just like the other markets… The fixture is something I am not taking.

You can access the details of the Newcastle United vs Sheffield United fixture via the prediction tab in match details or through the football prediction section. The predictions are being calculated with sophisticated self learning algorithms delivered by real data scientists. We are comparing our predictions with the odds of a bookmaker. Please note, the odds of your bookie might be different.

The odds for the home win of Newcastle jumped from the opening values of 2.86 to 3.31. What a mess

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