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Invite your friends over to watch the next football game: This is what you need

Of course nothing beats going to the stadium to watch a football game! However, this might not always be possible. Maybe you and your friends live far away from the stadium, maybe you want to save some money – or maybe you just do not have time for the drive to the stadium! No matter the reason, it might be a good idea to come up with an alternative to the stadium.

You can easily invite your friends over to watch the football game on TV but how do you make sure that it lives up to the expectations? You will need certain things, and we have collected those in this article. Keep reading if you are looking for inspiration!

Furniture is important

First of all, you need to have the right – and enough – furniture, when you want to invite your friends over to watch the football game on TV. What a nightmare if half of your friends need to sit on the floor! And they might need to do so, if you do not consider the furniture.

Unless you and your friends are still around 18 years old, a few hours on the floor might result in back pain, sleeping limbs and sore knees. You do not want to expose your friends to these conditions! If you do not have a spare couch in your bedroom or in your guest room, you might want to invest in an extra couch. Or maybe a lovely armchair or two – depending on the extra seats you need.

You do not have to invest in the most expensive spare couch – and maybe it is worth considering an extra couch which you can fold up when it is not needed anymore. Like that, you save space after the football game has ended and your friends have gone home.

You can also consider investing in some big pillows which you can place on the floor in front of the TV. Like that, your friends can take place in front of the TV without being too nervous about sore backs and sleeping limbs afterwards.

Food, snacks and drinks!

Secondly, you need to prepare food, snacks and drinks for your friends. That is the task of a true host! If you need any new cookware for the event, it might be time to purchase it now.

Food, drinks and snacks are important. What would you get at the stadium? Many feel that beer is appropriate for a football game, but we assure you that it will be appreciated with a bit more variety in the drinks. If your friends are driving to your place, you might want to consider serving soft drinks or maybe some mocktails.

When it comes to snacks and food, hotdogs are always a safe win! Nonetheless, you can always throw yourself in the project of making homemade pizzas. There is no doubt that your friends will appreciate the effort.

Create the right atmosphere

At last, you want to create the right atmosphere in the room. What about some fun decorations? Or what about decorating with some football items? As a real fan, you probably have some jerseys laying around. These can easily be pinned up on the walls for extra effect.

You also want to make sure that you have the correct lightning in the room. It is very uncomfortable for the eyes, if the room is entirely dark after sunset and the TV is very bright. Make sure that you have some lamps that complement the light of the TV!

Where and how you watch the football game is also important

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