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Introducing Wolverhampton

In the 2017/2018 season, the Wolves promoted from the Championship directly. Absolutely deserved. They won the league by 9 points ahead of the second team. The team led by former football goalkeeper Nuna Espirita Santos even reached 99 points. What an incredible season that was.

But what happened next? Whoever expected Wolverhampton to stumble on the edge of relegation was terribly mistaken. It was a famous ride, which meant advancing to the preliminary round of the European League and then going even further. Maximum? Not yet. This season, the Wolves are still in the European League and are well on their way. And how are they doing in the league? Even better than last year. They are even fighting for the [league 2] this year!

The beginning of the season was for some reason not that great. Maybe there was a slight inexperience when the team was not meeting the expectations and the quality of the squad. However, now, in June, when the EPL is almost over, the team is battling Chelsea for 5th place, which will exceptionally secure the basic group of the Champions League this year. (The exception is caused by [team 9] possible punishment).

But who are the main characters of the team? As a goalkeeper there is the very experienced player. The national team goalkeeper, the winner of EURO 2016, despite his age, Rui shows great performances.

The short yet incredible Premier League history of Wolverhampton

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