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How are Mobile Apps Revolutionizing Football Betting

Football betting is almost as popular as the sport itself. Many fans all over the world place wagers on football games for various reasons. Some do it for the thrill of the moment while others have their little rituals when it comes to betting on football.

Believe it or not, a lot of people believe that they’ll bring good fortune if they bet on their team or misfortune to the opposing team if they bet on them.

Be that as it may, football betting became even more popular when sportsbooks started operating online. Today, you have mobile apps that can help you enjoy as many football free bets as you’d like.

Speaking of which, mobile apps have pretty much revolutionized football betting. Fans love them and bookmakers keep making them. That said, let’s have a look at just how mobile apps made such a significant impact on football betting.

Apps provide more convenience

In-app experience is somewhat different than what you’d find on a website or even at the land-based bookmaker. In fact, apps are designed for users who are already seasoned bettors.

In other words, the user interface is properly prepared for you to just open the app and place a wager in just a few clicks. For football fans, this feature is actually quite beneficial.

As you may already know, football is one of the most popular sports and there are different leagues and championships all year round. Experienced bettors like to be up to date with matches and teams they’re betting, which is something only a mobile app can provide them with.

24/7 coverage

Another reason why mobile apps have revolutionized football betting is that they provide users with 24/7 coverage regarding important information, matches, bets, odds and so on. This allows you to strategize and place bets accordingly.

Moreover, mobile apps often provide users with relevant bonuses for specific matches or relevant events. Bettors can always choose to take or ignore the offer if they don’t find it suitable to their needs.

Therefore, you have access to nonstop feedback from a mobile app that’s operating around the clock. Of course, you can customize it to supply you only with information you want so that you can place the right bet on the right match at the right time.


Arguably one of the main reasons why so many football fans prefer mobile apps for betting over all else is personalization. As mentioned before, there’s convenience and 24/7 coverage but those aren’t the only advantages a mobile app can provide football fans with.

As a matter of fact, you can personalize your experience as you see fit. That includes setting up a preferred payment method, automating payments and withdrawals, choosing preferred betting types and odds, as well as tracking specific matches, teams or events.

Once you get everything up, your choices will remain the same until you decide to change them. Such a level of personalization is rarely possible outside mobile app experiences.

Live betting

Live betting is one of the features that revolutionized betting, in general, not just football betting. When online bookmakers made this feature available, people went crazy for it. After all, betting on a game while the match is live provides a whole new level of flexibility and options when it comes to placing wagers.

Mobile apps have live betting features even if websites don’t. It’s easier to develop this feature and maintain it within a mobile app than it is to do the same on a website. Football fans, can therefore, not only watch their favorite games on their smartphones but also place wagers anytime during the game.

Closing Words

Football betting has greatly evolved over the past few years thanks to modern technology. Nowadays, football fans who like to place wagers have numerous options and features to choose from. The fact that all those options are packed in a mobile app is revolutionizing on its own.

Moving online was the first step, the second one is moving to betting apps

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