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Has Leicester’s lack of squad quality just cost them a place in the Top 4?

[team 42] enjoyed a great start to this season with [player 1182] scoring lots of goals. It came as a massive surprise the way they were gaining legacy. Their season was going nearly perfect until they hosted [team 8] in December when they lost heavily ([fixture 11867411]). 

After a win away at [team 20] ([fixture 11867431]) on new year’s day, they lost [player 5319] through injury. That was the turning point of their season as they lost many games against mid-table teams. They then went through a no win February, picking up only 2 points in the process. They massively missed Ndidi as there wasn’t any player to cover the midfield position during his absence.

Later on, Jamie Vardy went through an abysmal spell without finding the back of the net. Recently that spell came to an end with Vardy scoring a brace against [team 8] ([fixture 11867411]). Despite that, there was a feeling of uncertainty around the team with the absence of [player 6838], which was resulting in a lack of chances created. A draw against [team 19] ([fixture 11867557]), followed by a humiliating defeat to [team 52] ([fixture 11867566]) meant that the signs of desperation were growing. 

It’s clear that already the Big 4 group might have been slightly overachieved, but they were part of it almost the full season. And guess what. Finishing outside the [league 2] places would be a huge disappointment. A big reason behind this downfall is the lack of squad quality in [coach 896460]’s team. Important players like Ndidi were missing through injuries, and there was nothing in reserve for providing the necessary cover. Post-Lockdown, they have lost their dynamic pacy full-backs, who were a big reason behind the great form earlier. [player 12514] did perform well, but it wasn’t as good as [player 96838], whose attacking power is more efficient. Same goes with the left side where 34 years old [player 1191] was covering for the dynamic and really fast [player 1601]. 

It has been a season of optimism, but it can end in disappointment if they don’t make the Top 4. The Club only have themselves to blame for their lack of strength through the whole squad. However, still it can be done as they face [team 14] in their last game ([fixture 11867601]). Hopefully the next season Brendan Rodgers will look to add more quality to this already brilliant side.

After most of the season being part of the top 4, not making Premier League out of it would be a big disappointment

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