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Harry Maguire says the players “gave everything”

What did Maguire say?

[team 14] club captain Harry [player 2884] said, “It’s been a hard time for us as players given the respect we had for him. We’ve been on a journey together. The emotion around the place was difficult to be in. We wanted to succeed and the result wasn’t good enough. It’s a result business. The players need to take responsibility. We are in this together. Ultimately the manager has paid the price, we are all so disappointed by that. We know we haven’t been good enough. We have spoken about that. The lads want to succeed.

“As a group of players, we’ve done everything we can and the lads have given everything. The results haven’t been good enough. The manager came in and spoke to us and everyone has a huge amount of respect for Ole. He’s a legend of the club and will remain a legend. He will be supporting us and will want us to get back on track. It shows the value of the man.

“All players will go through tough times and the recent results have been good enough. Collectively we haven’t been good and results have shown. We’ve paid the price. We need to find the right mentality and produce the right performance tomorrow.”

Maguire is absolutely wrong!

First of all, the club captain himself is an irresponsible player who doesn’t know how to behave properly. Not only Maguire’s performances have been poor, but his behavior overall has also been horrendous. Since he arrived at Manchester United, his performances have been inconsistent all along. Sometimes he is brilliant, but when he is bad, he is really, really terrible.

Along with him, there are more players in this squad who act immaturely. [player 1992] is probably the best example of this. Everyone keeps talking about how great he is, but I have never watched him performing well consistently. Also, I agree with [coach 524307] when he drops Pogba for big games because as talented as he could be, Pogba is ill-disciplined. It’s hard to trust out of possession against a decent side.

Of course, I am not here saying that Ole didn’t deserve the sack because he definitely did due to the constant wrong decisions from team selection to substitutions. The way he has treated [player 26031] was utterly disgraceful and what happened with [player 538034] is another example of poor management.

However, I do believe that senior players let Ole down. The likes of Maguire and [player 955] were shambolic after being brilliant in the summer tournament for [team 18645]. Pogba is just a childish player who doesn’t understand the responsibility and makes countless mistakes. His sending off against [team 8] recently was shameful, and the same goes for Maguire for his sending off against [team 25].

[player 129602], who has been the best signing in Ole’s tenure, also looked poor this season. His goals and assists dropped massively, and the team had lost their shape.

Ole is, of course, responsible, and his sacking is the right decision. However, agreeing with Maguire is impossible. Not only him, but many other so-called world-class players let Ole down when he needed them the most.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With the end of Ole as the Man United manager, Maguire had come out and defended the players’ role in getting the manager sacked.

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