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Gunners midfielder Lokonga is excited to play with Nicolas Pepe

What did Lokonga say?

Speaking to the [team 19] media, he said, “I think Pepe (is the one I am most excited to link up with).

“But I’m also looking forward to playing with [player 31739], [player 95334], [player 16827155] also, so yeah, I hope to have a connection with all the players and quickly.”

“I never wanted to be like a player, I always wanted to be Sambi, so I took a little bit of all the players I used to watch,” he said. “I never said to myself that you need to be like this player, I always wanted to be Sambi and to do Sambi on the pitch.

“If I had to tell you some players, I will say [player 185480], Xavi, [player 184891], Modric, yeah, all the top players, Marco Veratti as well. All the top players.”

Could this finally be Pepe’s breakthrough season?

[player 96656] was signed by Arsenal from [team 690] in 2019 after a stunning season in [league 301]. At that time, Arsenal’s manager was [coach 455907], who was doing a progressive job and the club was behind him. However, the 2019/20 season didn’t go as planned, and [coach 307] replaced Emery as the new manager.

Before Emery’s sacking, Pepe was having a difficult time adjusting to the [league 8]. The players around him were also underperforming, which wasn’t helping as Pepe was still a young kid. [player 1430]’s constant issues with the club, poor defensive record and not a great midfield were all detrimental to Arsenal’s problems.

Arteta came in and showed signs of improvement. The 2-0 win at the Emirates against [team 14] that season was a brilliant performance. Pepe was one of the scorers in that match and had an impressive performance. The season ended in [league 24] glory, but Pepe’s performances were on the decline.

The 2020/21 season was arguably Arsenal’s worst in a long time. They lost several games in a row against average sides, and the body language of the players was horrible. They scored just one goal in a whole month during one point in the season. The club still backed Arteta, and he did start to get some results. Pepe’s performances were not improving, but he did look better than before. The season ended with [leage 5] disappointment as they lost to [team 3477] in the semi-finals.

Arsenal have signed [player 3259] from [team 78], who is an excellent emerging defender. He will surely improve Arsenal’s passing out from the back and overall defensive shape. He is a young guy but has remarkable composure in pressure situations.

So far, Arteta’s time as Arsenal manager hasn’t been great, but this season could be his last chance to prove his worth. We all know how much talent Pepe has got, and for him as well, this season could be the last chance to make his presence felt as an Arsenal player.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

The youngster has shown signs of a big future and he has talked about how good Pepe is.

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