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Guardiola speaks on Grealish’s signing and interest in Harry Kane

Guardiola on Harry Kane’s situation

When asked by the reporters about [player 997], Pep said, “He’s a player for [team 6]. If Tottenham don’t want to negotiate, it’s finished.

“If they are open to negotiate, I think not just Man City but many clubs in the world want to sign him – we are not an exception – but it depends on Tottenham.

“It’s different from Jack. He had a release clause and he is different.

“Harry Kane is an exceptional, extraordinary striker – no doubts about that, of course we are interested – but he is a Tottenham player and if they don’t want to negotiate there is nothing more to say. If they want to, we will try.”

Pep on why City signed Grealish

Explaining the [player 1116] singing from [team 15], Guardiola said, “When we spend this amount of money it is because we sell (players) for almost £60m. We were not able in the last year or so but we sell young players from the academy and loan players for £60m. When you sell that, you can afford £100m. Otherwise, it would not have been possible.

“That’s why we spend on him because he’s 25 years old, he can play the next five, six, seven, eight years here and we believe we have an incredibly huge talent in terms of not just skills but mentality.

“When a team in the last years won a lot – which we cannot deny we have – we need new players. Not much but a few players that can rise to the level of players already here.

“The new players can fight with the players who stay here for a long time, otherwise after a lot of titles it is difficult to maintain a step forward. Every player needs to have the pressure that maybe they are not going to play.

“I say thank you so much to the club and thank you to Aston Villa and Jack who chose to come here because I’m pretty sure he could decide whatever he wants. He said he wanted to play for Man City and that’s why it is an honour to have him and hopefully he can settle as quick as possible.”

Manchester City’s enthralling attack

[team 9] have had another blockbuster summer window which could even get better. Last season, they won the League, but the points total was far lower than how it has been recently. [team 14] signed [player 538034] and [player 95807], [team 18] are set to sign [player 995] or [player 154421]. Liverpool are likely to get back to form this season.

Keeping all these factors in mind, City have backed [coach 455361] in a superb way yet again. City have proven over the years that they get the best players. Now, it’s getting ridiculously hard to not see them win the League again.

Grealish, [player 336133], [player 1371], [player 971] and potentially Kane in the same team! I mean, that is simply incredible. It’s hard to fit them all in one team. However, if anyone knows to attack and keep attacking, then it is Guardiola. Of course, for neutrals, it will lower their excitement as this almost assures Man City the [league 8] title. The main question is, can they finally win the [league 2].

If [team 8] can pull off another historical season, only then can they get closer or potentially win the League. However, it seems highly unlikely for any side to challenge this Man City side who keep getting better every summer.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With the transfer window getting close to its end, Guardiola has had his say on the two English superstars.

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