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Guardiola has no regrets over Sancho’s move to Dortmund

What did Pep say?

[coach 455361] said, “I’ve said many times, it is not a regret. He decides. He’s doing really well.”

“Congratulations, he’s an exceptional player. He is a national team player with huge quality, doing really well in Dortmund.”

“We wanted him to stay but he decided to leave, and when people decide to leave all we can do is [let them] leave.”

“I wish him all the best, except when he plays against us. No regrets at all. If he’s happy, I’m happy.”

When asked what might have been if Sancho didn’t leave City, Guardiola said: “Nobody knows. Maybe he stays and we don’t play good or better. The life of every person decides what life they lead.”

Was that a good decision by Sancho?

The highly-rated youngster left [team 9] just before their two incredibly successful seasons when they went on to win two [league 8] titles in a row. He was compared a lot to another exceptional youngster [player 336133] who decided to stay. Foden is now becoming more and more regular in Pep’s team. However, for two-three seasons, he was consistently out of the regular starting eleven.

Meanwhile, [player 538034], who moved to German top-flight [league 82] joining [team 68], has registered three consecutive seasons with double figures for both goals and assists. During this time, he has become a significant player in [coach 474589]’s plans for the [team 18645] national side.

These consistent top-quality performances have also linked him with some of Europe’s elite clubs, especially the Premier League clubs. City’s archest rivals, [team 14], tried extremely hard to sign him last summer as well as the summer before. However, due to financial issues, it didn’t happen.

[team 8] have also made contact along with [team 18] for Sancho. Outside England, [team 3468] were heavily linked with him when [coach 407775]’s returned for his second spell with the Los Blancos. Their rivals, [team 83], made contact but with the financial mess they are in, signing Sancho is beyond their possibilities.

One of the strongest links were also with [team 591] when [player 186320]’s departure looked possible. As the Brazilian’s replacement, the French giants were aiming to move for Sancho. However, with the pandemic and its financial impacts, some of these big moves couldn’t happen.

Overall, the move to Dortmund made the world believe that this kid is a real deal and not just an unsure potential. His abilities were replicated by his excellent numbers in Germany. Now with the [league 1326] coming up, he is likely to be a starter for England. As far as the club career is concerned, it’s only a matter of time before he moves to one of Europe’s elite clubs.

However, if he never left City, it’s hard to believe that people would have taken him as seriously as they are now. His England career has taken a giant leap since his move to Germany. On the whole, this decision at such a young age has shown its advantages, and the future looks bright for English football and Jadon Sancho.

The Manchester City manager says he has no regrets for letting Sancho leave and is happy for the emerging Englishman.

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