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Gambling Sponsorships in English Football

Betting on major sports like football has become a regular practice for most sports lovers. On top of that, new technological advancements allow people to engage in betting and other activities such as cash arcade slots based on football and more. Using smartphone devices, betting enthusiasts have access to the latest sports events, odds, and even online slot machine arcade games. Gambling companies also had an impact on these clubs in terms of the revenue generated by teams. This article will explore betting firms as sponsors of English football clubs.

The Beginnings

Sponsorships on a team’s kit were first allowed by the FA in the ’70s. After that, it was normal to see UK-based firms there. With time, football rose to international fame and became the most popular sport in the world. Then, sports fans began to notice that local clubs had their logos on kit fronts as well as names. This isn’t the case with smaller online operators. They usually collaborate with other websites that want to review brand new online casinos and evaluate them. But as they grow they explore options like athletes for brand ambassadors.

What Happened Next?

During the following two decades, sponsorships began to differ among clubs. In other words, stronger teams had more powerful sponsors. Up to that point, cigarette and alcohol companies had been allowed to sponsor the teams. However, when the government banned these firms from being shirt sponsors, the place opened for someone else.

This led to teams doubling down on the available sponsor companies. Bigger gambling firms welcomed the change as their industry became more competitive. You can visit the website gamblizard and see just how many operators are available nowadays. You’ll likely notice some of the bigger brands here as well. As they all compete with one another through bonus offers and by trying to get additional brand exposure.

The Impact of Gambling Sponsorship on English Football

Gambling companies have had an enormous impact on football sponsorship. In truth, only three Premier League teams don’t have a betting company for a sponsor as of the previous season. This number is fairly low considering the number of clubs England boasts. Thanks to the gambling industry, English football clubs:

  • marked the growth in their yearly income
  • could successfully expand their teams
  • expanded their franchises

Although gambling sites generate the most revenue from arcade slot machine games, sports betting remains highly profitable content for operators. Not surprisingly, these platforms are abundant in arcade slot games based on the most popular sporting discipline worldwide.

Arcade slot machines might have been one of the most popular pastimes among wagering enthusiasts, but even they would never have been noticed by many were it not for betting options. Many people went to place wagers and only started playing to kill time. A football-based arcade game slot machine was especially appealing to this audience. Bookmakers recognized this and decided to expand their offer by including more casino games.

Last, it is important for sports lovers to recognize good gambling sites. One’s betting experience can differ significantly depending on their choice. Therefore, examining a preferred wagering platform means a lot. A good starting point is reading about their ratings and reviews. This can help you find arcade slots games that are available, as well as other casino features.

A New Era for Football Sponsorship

Even though gambling sponsorship of football clubs has become commonplace in the country, many people are against this. In light of that, some require a ban on this kind of sponsorship. However, people are not only voicing their concerns and calling for change. Some measures have already been taken. For instance, the Remote Gambling Association banned running TV ads during matches before 9 pm. The idea was to prevent normalizing gambling in the eyes of a younger audience and also mitigate the exposure to arcade slot machine game.

What Else Is New With Gambling Sponsorship in Football?

Wagering companies sponsored almost half of Premier League football teams last season. Following these events, the UK government passed new gambling legislation. According to this new law, their clubs should stop using betting companies as shirt sponsors. In fact, in 2020, many UK media outlets stated that shirt sponsorship would possibly be outlawed in three years. So, sports lovers can expect most teams to change their outfits by 2023.


To sum up, until recently, gambling companies significantly affected English football clubs. Their impact is reflected in the growing revenue of the clubs as well as the expenditure of teams and franchises. Indeed, they have acted as sponsors for a long time.

However, it seems England is steadily pushing for the ban on betting company sponsorship. At the moment, they are taking baby steps. But in a few years, some other companies may replace these, just like the gambling industry stepped in after cigarette and alcohol firms were banned. Be as it may, sports lovers will keep on wagering on their favorite sport, engage in a football-themed arcade slot machine game, and similar.

Big things on the way. Will gambling be banned from sponsoring British football?

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