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French football clubs agreed with players on salary reductions

French football clubs and the players have agreed on wage reduction. This was announced by the UNFP player association. According to its president Philippe Piat, wage cuts will last until the French football clubs will again start making money on broadcasting rights.

The agreement is the following: Players who earn between ten thousand and one hundred thousand euros lose 20% of their income. The best-paid football players who make over one hundred thousand per month, lose even more – 50% of their salary agreed in the contract.

Although the agreement is not obligatory, Philippe Piat believes that most players will accept it without any obstructions.

Recently is France number 4 in the World’s most coronavirus affected countries with potential to rise higher in the charts. With almost 110 000 registered cases and 10 328 deaths the numbers of new cases do not give too much hope of early ending of the crisis. As for Yesterday April 7, there were 11 059 new patients and 1 417 deaths setting the new record for France. From this angle looks football as insignificant as never before.

The players agreed on cuts between 20% - 50%, depending on their contract

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