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Former FC Barcelona goalkeeper in critical state

Former Turkish national team goalkeeper Recber Rüstü is in a critical state after being tested positive for the new coronavirus. The local Turkish newspaper Milliyet reported on Tuesday.

The information was originally introduced by his wife Isil on her Instagram profile.

“I would like to bring more positive reports, but the truth is, and I regret that my husband is lying in a hospital diagnosed with COVID-19. We are shocked by the onset of symptoms, since first everything seemed fine. These are the key and challenging moments. My daughter and I had negative results and we cannot visit him. We can’t see him, and that’s the hardest part” was the original Instagram message of Isil.

Former goalkeeper spent most of his career in [team 88], but also played games for  [team 554] or [team 83]. In the national team he played 120 matches and at the 2002 World Cup he won bronze for Turkish football, just like in EURO 2008.

Turkish [league 600] was the last significant European league to shut down the stadiums. This was the result of Turkey, just like other authoritative regimes, admitting too late coronavirus being a problem. Recently the country is reporting almost 16 000 corona cases and 277 deaths. Only about 2 weeks ago there were only 29 cases per day but yesterday March 31, Turkey reported 2 704 new cases. This dramatic increase in numbers is giving bad promise for the future.


COVID-19 in the case of Recber Rüstü shows very powerful symptoms

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