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FC Köln vs Mainz 05 (May 17, 2020) football betting recommendations and analysis

Welcome to the danger zone! [team 3320] is with 32 points on position 10, only 6 points away from the relegation zone – far away from being safe. On the other hand you have [team 794] with 26 points being the last team of [league 82] with a real chance to avoid relegation to [league 85].

It was really hard to find a betting value within the [fixture 11886279]. Looks like the best bookmakers are not leaving too much space and the markets where I expected to find any value were perfectly covered. My eyes were first of all searching for the value in the full time draw. While the calculated football predictions from our data scientists were showing odds 4.55, bookie offers lousy 3.85 and that is a no go.

Usually I find at least 3 values in any given match, but with the FC Köln vs Mainz 05 there was only one. The value was in “Both teams to score” market where our calculated odds are 1.54 while bookie offers 1.66 giving 7.8% value bet. I calculated bookmakers payout and found that the bookie keeps on this fixture over 8% on most of the checked markets. This is a really high number and the only explanation for that is that the outcome in this case is harder to predict.

You can access the details of FC Köln vs Mainz 05 via the prediction tab in fixture details or through the football prediction section. The predictions are being calculated with sophisticated self learning algorithms delivered by real data scientists. We are comparing our predictions with the odds of an unnamed UK bookmaker. Please note, the odds of your bookie might be different.

It was really hard to find a real betting value within the FC Köln vs Mainz 05. Bookie is keeping in average over 8%

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