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Fast App Development Platform AlphaDAPP Introduced at London Blockchain Conference

Software developers can take months to a year to create applications. According to research firm Clutch, a simple app can be developed in two to four months, while a more complex one can take over nine months. Overall, the average app development time is four to six months.

However, with the help of blockchain-based Verified Health Record (VHR)™ firm VX Technologies, this timeframe can be cut to days. During the London Blockchain Conference (LBC) held last May 31 to June 2, 2023, VX Technologies President Justin Pauly presented his company’s flagship application called AlphaDAPP in which he claims eliminates the need for months of development work.

LBC served as Pauly’s venue to formally kick off VX Technologies’ official public launch of its flagship app. Hosted at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Central London, the conference served to educate businesses, governments and individuals about the utility of blockchain technology through expert thought leadership, product launches, insightful panels and keynote presentations.

Pauly started his discussion by talking about how AlphaDAPP was a foundational product that allows anyone with a dataset to record data on-chain, distributes that data, then enact peer-to-peer (P2P) verification. This can only be done through decentralized applications (DApps) built on blockchain technology. Pauly then went on to explain how this process is not at all groundbreaking, but sort of commonsensical, likening it to the invention of the tin can and can opener.

“A couple of hundred years ago, people invented the tin can. This is a pretty revolutionary thing, you can get through winter without starving. These things were very important. But it wasn’t until many decades later that someone actually invented the can opener to make opening it non-dangerous, make it easy and quick,” Pauly explained.

“What we’ve done with AlphaDAPP is put together a program that takes your datasets [and] information, and then distribute these things easily and efficiently like a can opener,” he added.

AlphaDAPP leverages applications that run on a blockchain or a P2P network of computers instead of a single computer, or decentralized apps. DApps need to run on a blockchain that is public, open-source and decentralized to ensure that no single authority is in control of the DApps.

DApps cut development work from months to minutes by eliminating centralized servers. Since DApps run on P2P networks, there is no single point of failure. Having no single point of failure is significant, as when one node goes down, the others can continue to operate.

In contrast to traditional applications, all of the data and code are stored on a central server. Once the server goes down, the entire roadmap of the application development will be compromised—especially when weeks were used to develop complex security features.

On the other hand, DApps are open source, which means anyone can contribute to their development. There are also a number of decentralized development tools that can be used to develop DApps. These tools allow developers to collaborate on code, test applications, and deploy them to the blockchain. This significantly reduces the time to develop DApps.

AlphaDAPP takes all these concepts to another level to deploy DApps with ease with a drag-and-drop interface. This interface allows for pre-built components like user interfaces (UI), authentication systems, and payment gateways. Thus, AlphaDAPP’s design allows individuals to build apps without any coding knowledge.

Blockchain technology allows firms like VX Technologies to leverage blockchain in order to advance business solutions. Conferences like LBC also allow these solutions to thrive and promote blockchain worldwide by educating its participants. AlphaDAPP is an example of such a solution that reduces thousands of dollars for coding work and eliminates months off an application’s development timeline.

Blockchain technology allows firms like VX Technologies to leverage blockchain in order to advance business solutions

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