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Euro 2024 Group-By-Group Favourites

Euro 2024 Group-By-Group Favourites

The anticipation for the Euro 2024 competition is palpable, with pitch fever sweeping throughout Europe. The confirmation of the 32 qualified teams has set the stage for the biggest international sporting event of the summer, and each squad and nation are preparing for a thrilling showdown.

Germany, the host of the 2024 Euros, is ready to welcome the fierce competition. The group settings from A to F are locked, and in today’s article, we will delve into the teams that are not just contenders, but also potential threats, holding the greatest chance of success to qualify for the tournament’s playoff stage.

Euro 2024 Group A

  • Germany
  • Scotland
  • Hungary
  • Switzerland

Group A Favourites: Germany

As the host nation, Germany faces significant pressure to be victorious in their group. However, throughout history, this nation has dominated the European Championships, proudly holding three championship titles.

Given the presence of promising young talents such as Florian Wirtz and Jamal Musiala, it’s no surprise they’re heavy favourites to finish atop Group A.

Germany’s Biggest Group A Threat

Often seen as a dark horse in international competitions, Switzerland is in a favourable position to secure second place in Group A. However, if Germany makes one mistake, the Swiss squad, with their potential to play spoiler, could snatch Group A’s top spot, adding an element of unpredictability to the tournament.

Odds for Germany to Win Group A (1.55) 

Euro 2024 Group B

  • Spain
  • Croatia
  • Italy
  • Albania

Group B Favourites: Spain

Luis de la Fuente deserves immense credit for the exceptional management of Spain’s qualification campaign. Several critics and analysts contended that the former Under-21s coach’s deficiency of high-level expertise rendered him unfit to guide the national team following a surprising 2-0 defeat to Scotland that deeply unsettled Rodri and numerous others.

However, with a Nations League trophy success and a six-game unbeaten streak in Euro qualifications, Spain will fly to Germany with a talented and promising young team, including rising stars Pedri, Rodri, Pau Cubarsi, and captain Alvaro Morata, who is currently experiencing a highly fruitful phase in his career.

Spain’s Biggest Group B Threat

Italy and Spain, renowned for their illustrious footballing legacies and formidable teams, are the frontrunners expected to advance. If Spain manages to perform very well from the beginning, they have the potential to secure the top spot in the group. However, the Italians will undoubtedly pose the greatest challenge to their aspirations of claiming the number one slot.

Although Croatia has previously achieved success on this stage, the present Italian and Spanish teams have the necessary depth and quality to secure the first and second positions.

Odds for Spain to Win Group B  (1.91) 

Euro 2024 Group C

  • Slovenia
  • Denmark
  • Serbia
  • England

Group C Favourites: England

As England prepares to potentially, and finally, win a significant tournament, several issues remain regarding Gareth Southgate’s team, including the lack of available left-backs and uncertainty about which midfielder will partner with Declan Rice.

Furthermore, Phil Foden’s growing need to assume the role of a Number 10, along with Jude Bellingham and Harry Kane’s inclination to retreat into deeper positions, appears to be a perfect example of an excessive number of individuals attempting to exert influence in the final third.

However, a number of England players have recently experienced the most successful season of their professional lives, and Southgate has an impressive abundance of attacking options at his disposal, which should allow the Three Lions to sail into the final sixteen without complications.

England’s Biggest Group C Threat

The Danes are astute adversaries, with Rasmus Hojlund revitalising their offensive capabilities late. The team will be highly motivated to seek revenge against England on June 20th, and if England underperforms, we believe Denmark has a strong chance of securing the top position in Group C.

From a betting perspective, England isn’t just the favourites to win Group C. Still, with the best free bet offers available in Ireland, they’re also the favourites to win the Euro 2024 competition. Some critics disagree, but it’s difficult to argue that no two teams are currently stronger than France and the Three Lions in terms of attacking talent.

Odds for England to Win Group C (1.40) 

Euro 2024 Group D

  • Poland
  • Netherlands
  • Austria
  • France

Group D Favourites: France

France will participate in Euro 2024 with what may be considered their most formidable team to date, led by the exceptional talent of Kylian Mbappe. They are expected to easily navigate through Group D alongside the Netherlands, which, with their recent improvement in performance and the presence of talented players, are expected to advance to the knockout stages along with France.

France’s Biggest Group D Threat

France’s offensive capabilities are undoubtedly formidable, but any errors committed would render the Netherlands’ well-rounded team the underdogs in the race for the top position in Group D.

Odds for France to Win Group D (1.57)

Euro 2024 Group E

  • Belgium
  • Slovakia
  • Romania
  • Ukraine

Group E Favourites: Belgium

Several key stars of Belgium’s Golden Generation have already retired, but make no mistake; they still possess the exceptional skills of Kevin De Bruyne and the goal-scoring ability of Romelu Lukaku.

Two promising youngsters, Jeremy Doku and Arthur Vermeeren, will play a crucial role in the Red Devils’ chances in Germany. However, there are concerns about the defence, and the great goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has also been excluded from the group. Still, as they’re in one of the weaker groups, qualification to the playoff stage seems given.

Belgium’s Biggest Group E Threat

Ukraine, buoyed by their successful play-off triumphs, is a formidable competitor in Group E and should be primed for second position, at the very least. It’s a stretch to believe they’ll overtake Belgium for first place but never say never, especially with the number of Ukrainians who reside in Germany and will be out in full force to support their countrymen.

Odds for Belgium to Win Group E (1.40) 

Euro 2024 Group F

  • Turkey
  • Georgia
  • Portugal
  • Czech Republic

Group F Favourites: Portugal

The Seleccao triumphed in all 10 of their Euro 2024 qualifying matches, netting 36 goals (with Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes contributing 16 goals combined) and conceding only two.

Portugal’s abundance of attacking weapons makes them strong contenders to win Group F and lift the Euro 2024 trophy. However, as they have been placed in a relatively weaker group without significant competition for the top position, this should be routine before the playoffs.

Portugal’s Biggest Group F Threat

When Turkey is at its peak performance, it offers an impressive level of unpredictability in important competitions (such as their memorable late-scoring achievements in Euro 2008).

The Turkish team possesses a group of promising and talented young players and secured qualification ahead of Croatia. Still, their most recent performance was a devastating 6-1 defeat at the hands of Austria, so expecting them to overcome Portugal is optimistic.

Despite the outcome, Germany’s substantial Turkish population will effectively provide the team with three home games during the group stages. If CR7 isn’t doing more complaining than playing, Turkey will be waiting to take advantage.

Odds for Portugal to Win Group G (1.44) 

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