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Euro 2021: England with the most powerful squad in history

English national team has always been packed with stars, but the one representing [team 18645] on the next [league 1326] has the biggest potential ever – and it might get even stronger within the year.


[player 1826] from [team 13] shows a really decent performance in the club and the national team of [league 1326]. [player 12647] from [team 21] is however building an increasingly strong reputation and within a year he might be number 1. There are three goalkeepers traveling to the tournament and the options for the remaining seat are [player 9438] from [team 52], [player 2763] from [team 27] or [player 1462] from [team 26].


Until recently, the Leicester defender had the strongest position on the left edge of the defensive line, but as in the case of Pickford, new young faces are pressing onto the pitch here as well. The English national team will have to solve if [player 1601] from [team 42] will not be replaced by [player 16827155] from [team 19], [player 4536527] or [player 955] (both from [team 14]), since all mentioned ones can also take over the position of the left-back.

[player 2884], the [team 14] captain will be a key player for England and is not expected to be replaced – except by possible unexpected injuries.

If [player 982] from [team 9] remains without any injuries and keeps the performance on the recent level, the position in the English line-up will belong to him. The possible competitors for the position are [player 1453] from [team 8] or [player 1094] from [team 15].

The position of the right defender will probably be the most complicated for the coaches of the English national team. In the past, the big choice of great players was solved by setting up 3 defenders and wing-backs, but at the European Championships the English team expected to come up with the traditional 4-1-2-3 line-up. If there will be no injury or a drop in form, [player 1917] from [team 8] will most likely get the position. The nomination will most likely not bypass [player 5252] from Manchester United, [player 911] from Manchester City, and in the case of good performance during the next season, [player 1494663] from [team 33] and [player 581220] from [team 18] must also be considered.


If there was no COVID-19, the defensive star midfielder [player 5273] from [team 1] would almost certainly change his jersey in the summer of 2020. Declan Rice is in the scope of big Premier League clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United. He belongs to a new generation of players, will be a very important part of English National Team and it still has a full year to improve.

[player 6838] from [team 42] will have a difficult year ahead, as names such as [player 1711] from [team 6], [player 850], [player 323] (both from Liverpool) and young rising star [player 336133] from Manchester City are eager to replace James Maddison.

[player 922] has had more successful periods in his football career, but his high skills have rocketed him to the national team. Alli is often mentally unstable and  [player 1116] (Aston Villa) and [player 537121] (Chelsea) would be happy to replace Dele Alli.


The position of [player 802] from Manchester City seems for now stable. Internal conflicts might be for now the only big thing that could cost him the position in the National Team. In case Sterling is unable to play, Chelsea’s [player 2875858] will be ready.

In the case of a good health and continuing great form, [player 538034] from [team 68] can have a significant impact on the performance and the success of England. As a possible replacement in the case of any injury, there is [player 537759] from Arsenal waiting for his chance.

Save the best for last… What is a boat without the captain? [player 997], recently still from Tottenham, needs to stay away from injuries and keep the fantastic performance to lead the National team. In the case anything bad happens, names such as [player 3139], [player 20333643] or [player 1878] will be eager to take the position. Who would be the captain is for now not clear.

The power of the English National Team has been calculated using football prediction algorithm

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