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England’s Odds of Winning EURO 2024: A Detailed Analysis

England's Odds of Winning EURO 2024

Current Odds and Betting Perspectives

England is currently one of the favorites to win EURO 2024, with odds around 7/2 (or +350). This positions them strongly alongside other top contenders like Spain, France, and Portugal. These odds according to NRG BET reflect the confidence bookmakers have in England’s squad and their performances in the tournament so far.

Performance in EURO 2024

England’s journey through EURO 2024 has shown a mix of strengths and areas needing improvement, with results indicating both potential and vulnerabilities.

Group Stage Matches:

    • England vs. Serbia: A 1-0 victory. Harry Kane scored the decisive goal in the 56th minute. England had 60% possession and 12 shots, with 5 on target, compared to Serbia’s 6 shots with 2 on target. Despite controlling the game, England struggled to convert more chances, highlighting their need for better finishing​ (​​​.
    • England vs. Denmark: A 1-1 draw. England’s goal came from Harry Kane in the 35th minute, but Denmark equalized late in the 85th minute. England dominated possession (65%) and had 18 shots (5 on target), yet their inability to secure the win from a leading position exposed defensive lapses​
    • England vs. Slovenia: A goalless draw. England had 70% possession and 22 shots (7 on target), but their failure to break down Slovenia’s defense indicated a significant issue with converting possession into goals. This match underscored England’s struggle against well-organized defenses​.

Knockout Stage:

England vs Slovakia

Final Score: England 2 – 1 Slovakia (AET)

Date: June 30, 2024

Venue: Allianz Arena, Munich

Key Events:

  • 25′ Goal: Ivan Schranz scored for Slovakia, putting them ahead early in the match.
  • 90′ + 5′ Goal: Jude Bellingham equalized for England in stoppage time, forcing extra time.
  • 91′ Goal: Harry Kane scored the winning goal for England just after the start of extra time.

Match Statistics:

  • Possession: England 66% – 34% Slovakia
  • Shots (on target): England 18 (6) – 5 (2) Slovakia
  • Corners: England 9 – 3 Slovakia
  • Fouls: England 12 – 16 Slovakia


England dominated possession and created numerous chances, but struggled to break down Slovakia’s defense until late in the game. Jude Bellingham’s late equalizer and Harry Kane’s extra-time winner highlighted England’s resilience and depth. However, England’s defense showed vulnerability, conceding an early goal and facing several scares.

Comparative Strengths of Remaining Teams

  • France: With odds around +450, France remains a top contender with a squad featuring Kylian Mbappé and Antoine Griezmann. Their depth and past tournament performances make them formidable opponents.
  • Spain: Spain’s tactical discipline and historical success in EURO tournaments position them as strong contenders with odds similar to England’s.
  • Portugal: At +600, Portugal’s mix of experienced players like Cristiano Ronaldo and young talents adds to their attacking prowess and defensive solidity.
  • Germany: With odds around +650, Germany benefits from home advantage. Despite recent underperformance, their historical strength makes them a significant threat.
  • Netherlands: With odds at +1600, the Netherlands’ young and dynamic squad can surprise top teams, making them dark horses in the tournament.

Key Players and Critical Analysis

  • Harry Kane: Despite scoring four goals, Kane’s performance has shown inconsistencies. He has missed several key opportunities, affecting England’s ability to secure matches early. His leadership remains crucial, but he needs to improve his finishing.
  • Jude Bellingham: Bellingham has scored two goals and shown brilliance in midfield. However, his performance has varied, and maintaining consistency will be vital for England’s success.
  • Defense: England’s defense, led by Harry Maguire and John Stones, has conceded three goals in five matches, indicating vulnerabilities. They need to tighten up against stronger attacking teams to improve their chances in the knockout stages.

England’s prospects for winning EURO 2024 are not bad, supported by favorable odds and resilient team performances. However, they face significant challenges from other top-tier teams. Key players must maintain form, and tactical adjustments are essential to address weaknesses highlighted in the group stages. England’s ability to perform under pressure and improve their finishing efficiency will be crucial in their quest for the title.

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