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Do Manchester United need Souček?

What did Stuart Pearce say?

Talking to talkSPORT, [player 37468367] said, “No, he’s happy here and he’s not going anywhere, that’s for sure.

“He’s been brilliant here, I’ve got to say. Dave brought him into the club in January of last season and since then he’s just been brilliant.

“He’s got a wonderful attitude to work, on his days off he comes in to work, he’s just really an absolute pleasure to work with.

“As a man he is top quality. He and [Vladimir] Coufal, the two Czech boys, they’ve both been brilliant.

“And Tomas can be a handful, too. England will face Czech Republic in the [Euro 2020] group stages and his ability in both boxes is very, very good.”

Souček’s style of play

[player 80655] is a robust box to box midfielder known for his high energy style of play. His work rate is second to none, and his passing has kept improving for the last couple of years. However, his most significant asset since joining [team 1] has been his brilliantly timed runs into the box to get on the end of crosses. That is the part of his game that has exploded since joining [coach 455355]’s side. In 42 appearances for West Ham, Souchek has scored 12 goals. Besides, a lot of those have been crucial goals that have seen his side take the lead.

Overall, the [team 18718] international is a no.8 who does an excellent job for the team with his tremendous work rate. He is a typical box to box midfielder who has excelled under Moyes. His ability to score has got better and could still get better given his age.

Do Man United need him?

As explained above, Souchek is neither a defensive midfielder nor an attacking one. He is a player who can play in multiple positions, but no.8 seems to be his best one.

In that position, the red devils have already got [player 455376], who consists of a similar skillset. The [team 18706] international has consistently improved under [coach 524307] for the last couple of years. In that time, he has also made himself a Scotland regular. McTominay prefers the no.8 position and, similarly to Souchek, is a powerful box to box player.

What [team 14] genuinely lack is a world-class no.6. [player 205411] and McTominay have done well as a pair, but if the red devils want to challenge [team 9] and [team 8], they must get more attacking players on the pitch. To do that, they need a world-class no.6 to protect the backline and provide a formidable passing range.

In that case, Man United should sign Souchek’s teammate [player 5273]. The impressive youngster is a key part of West Ham’s success this season. He could be the player to elevate Manchester United’s level and allow them to get more attacking midfielders on the pitch. In doing so, the red devils will take some pressure off their start man [player 129602] as he will have more support.

Overall, we learn that Manchester United have got McTominay in Souchek’s skillset and need a more defensive-minded midfielder. Attempting to sign Souchek will add more similar players and won’t solve Solskjær’s problem. The problem will get solved if they go for a recognized no.6 instead of a no.8. Rice is probably the best out there, along with other emerging names like [team 71]’s [player 3354] and [team 42]’s [player 5319].

Amid all the transfer links, the West Ham first-team, Stuart Pearce coach has confirmed that Souček is not leaving. But do the red devils need a player like Souček?

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