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Dean Smith talks about the disappointment of Grealish’s departure

What did the Villa boss say?

Dean Smith said, “It’s a huge disappointment that Jack moves on. Everybody knows what he means to this football club and I also know what he means to the fans.”

“We want to keep our best players, but unfortunately Jack’s had a really tough decision to make. Jack will always be highly thought of by all staff and players at this football club, and I hope by the supporters as well because of what he’s given to this club.

“He will always be an Aston Villa fan and that will never change. Unfortunately we can’t provide European football for Jack at the moment. He’s going into his 26th year of his life and he understands it’s a short career and he wants to go and play at the top level. He’s had a taste of it at the Euros.

“For somebody to come through our Academy and become the British record transfer, I think just shows what an exceptional talent Jack has been and will be.”

“But we move on. I’m not looking to replace Jack because I don’t think you can. He’s such a unique player and a unique character.

“My job is to use the funds to actually make us a better team by bringing in more quality players and give us more depth as a team and not be as reliant on one player.”

Will Aston Villa cop up with Grealish’s exit?

[team 9] have completed an incredible deal as they bring one of [team 18645]’s best players to their club. With the team they have already got, adding [player 1116] to that is unbelievable.

Keeping that aside, let’s focus on what this could mean for [team 15] as far as the [league 8] is concerned.

In the two seasons that Villa have spent in the top flight, they have highly relied on Grealish. In their first season back in the big league, Grealish kept them up by scoring in the last game of the season in the last few minutes to keep his boyhood club in the Premier League.

The following season, Aston Villa had a great campaign. Grealish form again was crucial in this run as the team was built around him by [coach 524237]. We all remember that astonishing 7-2 win against [team 8] in which Grealish was on a different level. In the second half of the season, Grealish’s injury saw a massive drop off in Villa’s form. However, the club ended up having a great season, and Grealish’s numbers were amazing. Despite playing around some average players, his numbers were comparable to [player 1371] and [player 129602].

Despite Grealish’s exit, Aston Villa have had a great summer so far. They have already completed two exciting signings in [player 33716] and [player 186660]. The latter reportedly rejected [team 19] to sign for Villa. Also, they are set to sign [player 1450] from [team 65], and [player 1155]’s arrival also looks inevitable. These players will join [player 12145] and [player 172611], who also had a stunning campaign last season.

It’s not debatable whether Grealish’s presence is critical. However, his departure has got Villa 100 million pounds which they can reinvest. Of course, they have a great side for the upcoming season, but a great season is not assured as their whole tactical system will now need reshaping. A system that was dependent on one player will now have to restructure to complement a more collective effort in possession.

Grealish has left Villa with some great memories, but for the betterment of his career, he needed this move to reach his full potential.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With the talented midfielder now a Man City player, his former boss has talked about the setback of his exit.

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