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Liverpool fucked up my ticket just like some members of our betting community complained about the bad results of The Reds. What can I say? [team 8] as a recent [league 8] title holder can take it easy now. All the upcoming fixtures can be a surprise and that can be the chance. Liverpool blew the last match against [team 27] (details and match statistics at [fixture 11867569]) at Anfield and there is a pattern of blowing every other game they play. The pattern says that this time they should show better performance but the question is. Will they? God knows…

[team 19] is on the other hand showing some stable performance and the loss to [team 6] was statistically speaking rather a matter of chance than a low form (details and match statistics at [fixture 11867573]).

All that is now in the past. The question here is. Is there any value bet to be found within the Arsenal vs Liverpool fixture? Comparing the odds of a bookmaker and our football predictions we found a value in the home win of Arsenal. Not a convincing number to be honest. Draw? Nope. Away win of Liverpool? Nope. Both teams to score? Nope. Without further teasing I have to reveal that taking into account the questionable results of Liverpool in the last weeks we will not bet on this fixture. How do we approach the focus – no focus of the Reds? Flip a coin? Thank you, but no! We had enough of fucked tickets for this season.

You can access the details of the Arsenal vs Liverpool fixture via the prediction tab in match details or through the free football predictions section. The predictions are being calculated with sophisticated self learning algorithms delivered by real data scientists.

We are comparing our predictions of [fixture 11867576] with the odds of a bookmaker. Please note, the odds of your bookie might be different and make sure to check the football betting academy before betting real money. Not betting on this fixture? Make sure to check the next football matches to decide better.

The recent slopping of Liverpool is not making the fixture against Arsenal a great betting pick

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