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5 Tips for Improving at Fantasy Football

The aim of fantasy football is to try and pick the best possible team to rack up as many points as possible throughout the season and win any leagues your team(s) has entered, which is much easier said than done. For example, it helps to know a little bit about players who are performing and which players are likely to earn you the most points each week, so you need to be prepared to carry out your own research as often as possible to find out who’s in form and who isn’t, and who’s in the starting 11 and who’s on the bench.

You couldn’t just set a team at the start of the season, leave it for months, and then expect to do well because things change so much throughout the average Premier League season. You also need to try and forget about how teams/individual players performed last season because most of that knowledge is irrelevant this season. Here are five useful tips that can help you succeed, from the obvious to the less obvious.

Staying current with the latest footy news

It’s really important that you stay up to date with the latest football news because things can change a great deal from week to week. Players can pick up injuries and could be out for weeks or months at a time. Players can also be in perfect shape and form at the start of a season, and then towards the middle or end of the season, they could lose form and not earn you any points.

This is why it’s vital to try and stay on top of things and make the necessary changes to your team as and when needed. All you need to do is visit the major sports news websites for the latest information. Most fantasy football websites also have plenty of news items available, and they also tend to have the latest stats on players to help you make better-informed decisions about your team.

Some new players may be transferred in from another European league. For example, Erling Haaland came to Manchester City from the Bundesliga (Borussia Dortmund), so you need to be aware of these new players that arrive.

Use your fantasy football money wisely

When building your team before, whether it’s pre-season or when the season has already started, remember to spend wisely with your fantasy football budget. You may pick an awesome back four and goalkeeper but leave yourself with no money for a decent midfield or upfront. In other words, you will need to think about with your selection a fair amount before landing on your final 11.

Some of the best fantasy football websites will have a variety of promotions available for you to benefit from too, just like some of the best UK online casinos with great promotions for both new and existing players, so always take a few minutes to see what bonuses and offers are available for you to claim.

Last minute checks

You may make the necessary changes to your team on a Monday, but the Fantasy Football games could be the following Saturday. A lot can happen in the football world in the space of just five days, so remember to make those vital last-minute checks.

Don’t panic or fret too much

You may have picked a winning team, but your players aren’t earning you any points. Try not to fret too early because it could take a couple of weeks before your players start earning you points. There’s nothing worse than transferring out a player or two that may not initially be performing too well or putting them on the bench, only for them to get clean sheets or hat-tricks in the very next game. This can happen a lot and is quite frustrating.

Don’t overthink things

Try not to overthink things because this is when you start making mistakes. If your team is doing well, then you don’t need to make unnecessary changes. If you tinker about with your team too much, you could end up losing valuable points in key areas. That said, you may have spent a lot of money on a player who should be earning points but isn’t earning you any. Don’t keep hold of that player longer than needed.

If five or six games have passed and he has made you zero points, then you will have to make the bold decision to swap him for a player who is currently on form and earning lots of points. While fantasy football has a lot to do with careful selection and managing your team correctly, there’s also an element of luck involved, so don’t be too disheartened if your team doesn’t win you any prizes at the end of the season.

If you’re looking to improve your fantasy football team this season, here are five useful tips that can help you succeed

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