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5 factors affecting soccer games that bettors should know

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in existence. It’s so popular there are literally thousands of soccer games played every day all over the world. From youth leagues to professional leagues, indoor soccer to beach soccer, futsal to indoor futsal, the World Game is found in many forms in every corner of the globe.

The universal appeal of soccer doesn’t stop at the pitch either – betting on soccer is also incredibly popular. However, betting on soccer isn’t just about knowing who will win or lose.

Many factors come into play when deciding on which team to back. For a bit of help, below are five factors to consider before placing your bet.

Home Ground Advantage

Soccer teams tend to perform better at home, so bettors should look for opportunities to capitalise on home-field advantage. Bookmakers are aware of it, so you can expect them to adjust their lines accordingly. For example, the home side will be the favourite when two evenly matched soccer teams are playing each other.

There are of course instances when away teams perform better than expected, so it’s crucial to do your research and assess each team’s potential performance.

The key is to track how well each team performs at home. It’s beneficial to know when a team’s record is skewed because of its home field advantage and when it’s not.

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Starting Player Performances

Another factor to consider is the performance of the starting lineup. For example, if you’re planning to back the away team, you want to ensure the team isn’t coming off a series of losses or playing its third game in seven days.

If they are, it might be best to wait until they’ve had a chance to rest and recover. On the other hand, if you’re betting on a home team that’s coming off of two straight wins, you can’t assume they’ll stay on their streak and should make sure their starting lineup is at full strength.

Assessing player performance can include looking at injury reports and seeing how many starters have been playing through injuries, along with those sitting out due to suspensions or fatigue. Knowing this data can help you determine which team is most likely to come away with a win so that you can place your bet accordingly.

Team Form

Team form is an indicator or reflection of how a team will perform in an upcoming match. It’s super easy to check a team’s current form, with many websites publishing league tables which show results for each match played.

It’s essential to check the team form before placing a bet. You could end up backing a team playing badly or losing its last few games if you don’t. You can use a team’s form to make a few assessments about how they’ll perform in an upcoming match. For example, if one of your selections has won five consecutive matches and played well in each game, it might be wise to take them as your pick for an upcoming match against another good side.

A team in good form is more likely to win, and you’ll have a better chance of winning your bet. It’s that simple.


Schedules can have a significant impact on teams. A packed schedule can lead to fatigue, affecting how well the players perform. A high frequency of matches with insufficient rest time can lead to injuries and the travel required between matches can also take a toll, particularly for international or long-distance matches. And it’s not just about travelling—it’s also about playing in different time zones and dealing with fluctuating temperatures.

All of these factors are important to consider when analysing games. For example, if a team is playing its fourth game in seven days, it will be tough for them to beat an opponent playing their first game in three weeks.

Weather Conditions

Another thing to consider when betting on soccer is the weather. Weather can affect a game in many ways, from how teams play, to the number of unforced errors, how many goals get scored and even how long a game lasts.

For example, if it’s raining, players may not be able to manoeuvre accurately or run as fast. On top of that, if it’s hot and humid outside, players will tire out more quickly and may not be able to finish a full 90 minutes of play. High winds can also affect how games get played, making it harder to pass or shoot accurately.

Before you bet on a soccer game, check what kind of weather is in store for that day. That way, you can know how it might affect both teams’ performance.

Final Thoughts

Knowing and understanding these five factors is essential when making your betting decisions. Knowing how to read a soccer game goes beyond backing the right team; it will also help you gain a deeper understanding of why teams win or lose, which in turn will help you make wiser wagers on future matches.

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