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10 of the Largest Accumulator Wins Ever

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In the UK, betting on football is a big thing and every gambler dreams of scooping a big prize. In this post, we’re looking at the biggest accumulator wins and those lucky punters who’ve had their dreams come true as well as how you can get in on the action with no deposits and free bets at top UK sites.

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Before we list the 10 biggest accumulator wins, let’s talk about how you can get in on the action with no risk. UK no deposit casino bonuses explained fully here in the FAQ section are great for new players or those who want to test out a new online gambling site. They offer free bets or chips that can be used to bet on real money games and sporting events with no deposit required.

10 Massive UK Accumulator Wins

£100 Bet For £650,000

This lucky punter bet £100 and won a massive £650,000. The odds were definitely not in his favour at 6542/1 in the eight fixture accumulator with all sides losing and only 20 minutes of play left. In the last minutes of the game [team 117] scored an injury-time goal and a payout of £650,000 was the result.

80p Bet for £585,000

A Maltese punter won £585,000 on his 80p bet back in 2011 with a 19 fold accumulator. The odds climbed to 683,738/1 and the last game in the accumulator was between Liverpool and [team 18] with Chelsea being the favourites. The punter was relying on Liverpool and the game was a tie before a goal was scored in the 87th minute netting him this massive win.

30p Bet for £500,000

The next big winner didn’t choose match results for his accumulator but instead predicted the 2000/01 winners prior to the season kicking off. The winner chose to remain anonymous but predicted the outcome of nine different football competitions, Rugby Union and the Country Cricket titles. The odds were a staggering 1.6m/1 and he bet just 30p. As the results came it, it was all down to the [league 2] final where Bayern Munich faced off against [team 214]. It ended with a penalty shootout before this lucky punter took home his prize.

£2.50 bet for £272,000

This lucky winner had nine sections in his 2011 big win. This included backing Athletic Bilbao to draw with Barcelona. He also had several other unlikely sides on his £2.50 betting slip. The odds climbed to 108,800/1 odds and it was the Barcelona game that looked set to see him lose everything but a goal in the 85th minute equalized the match and Ladbrokes paid out a record £272,000. While Ladbrokes were happy to payout back in 2011 the news that MGM Resorts have ended their bid to buy Entain won’t make them so happy today.

£50 bet for £185,000

One punter bet £50 on 20 different match results and took home a whopping £185,000 in 2019. The odds were 3700/1 on the mega weekend selection which included [team 33] to beat [team 122]. Other selections included European teams like [team 503] and Barcelona. It was the Bayern Munich match at odds of 1/7 that netting him his £185,000 total with William Hill paying out.

£1 bet for £170,000

An anonymous 33-year-old takes the next spot on our list and proves that even beginners can win big. With just eight bets and a total of 10 this newbie hit William Hill for a big payout. He bet £1 and forgot all about it and was completely shocked when he logged back into his account and saw the £170,000 balance. The odds of winning had climbed to 169,923/1. If you’re a beginner why not check out our value bets manual before you bet real money or avail of one of the many free bet or UK no deposit offers.

£5.05 Bet for £116,000

Back in 2015, George Woods, 22, who suffers with multiple sclerosis turned his £5.05 wager into £116,000 when he predicted the match results on his 10 game accumulator over multiple leagues. The odds climbed to 22,970/1 and his final selection was a win for home side [team 9] over [team 52]. The match was two weeks away but they won and Woods took his payout of £116k.

£2 Bet for £92,000

In February 2015, Dean Clay won £92k on a £2 weekend wager across 14 picks. 13 of the games placed on the Saturday. The odds climbed to 46,000/1 thanks to Coral’s odds boost offer and the final pick was the Sunday match between [team 10] and [team 27]. He’d backed a draw and collected a payout of £92,000.

£49.50 Bet for £53,000

This anonymous player’s 22-fold accumulator was worth a total of £1.5million with odds of 30,303/1. His stake was £49.50 and he looked set to lose everything before a couple of results turned things around. Before his last game between [team 83] and [team 594] took place the punter decided to cash out his bet at £53,000 which was perfectly timed leaving Betfair the loser. Find out what cashout in betting is with your guide.

£5 Bet for £45,000

In 2015 one man supercharged his accumulator bet odds by predicting the match results with both teams to score. He had six picks with odds of 9,172/1 and his bet was £5. His first five results were in and everything depended on the final [team 13] game against West Bromwich. With West Brom holding a 2 goal lead it looked like he’d lost but Everton fought back and scored 3 goals in the last 35 minutes to secure him a £45k win that William Hill paid out.

Discover the largest accumulator wins ever won from football bets and how you can do the same using free bets and no deposit bonuses at UK gambling sites

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