Rowdie: Mathematical football prediction and betting tips

What is Bot betting?

First of all, what exactly is a bot? You can imagine a bot being a software or a program doing whatever the built in algorithm is telling him to do. It might be scraping content, emails, pictures or anything else through the whole internet. In case of bot betting, the software is executing commands on your computer through your betting account.

The best way to understand betting by bot is to use an example. Let’s say you found a fixture where bookmakers decimal odds are e.g. 2.5, but the best paid betting picks show 2.3. Using the mentioned numbers in our betting profit calculator we see 8.7% value – that means, on average you make £8.7 with each £100 stake (the stake can be placed in one match, but also in 50 or more).

To see a significant gain with that value, you have to place bets worth thousands. And this is what bot betting is all about. Bot betting algorithm is comparing thousands of odds offered by bookmakers with your predictions and placing hundreds of bets.

How can you be a bot?

You don’t have to have any special program or software to do the bot betting. In almost every fixture you find a value.

The key is: Do it manually! In one window on the left side of the monitor you open the odds offered by the bookmaker, in other window on the right you have our mathematical football predictions – and compare those numbers. The bigger the difference, the higher the value and your chance of winning.

Value is when bookmakers odds are higher than the prediction and not the other way around.

Useful tips

  • Be critical. We have predictions, but so does the bookmaker. Use only predictions with high or good predictability (information displayed in title of every league prediction).
  • Cut out the emotions from sports betting. Only using the brain and reasoning brings long term results. If the heart is telling you to bet on your popular team but the brain to bet against it, go for the brain.
  • You are more likely to find value in fixtures with huge betting volumes. Guess what the crowd is betting on and do the opposite.
  • Are the decimal odds of the predicted value you found 20.00 or higher? In the case of odds 20.00 is the applied probability only 5% – in average only 5 out of 100 bets will be a success. Do you have patience for that? My personal limit is odds lower than 7.00 and calculated betting value higher than 10%.
Bot betting algorithm is comparing thousands of odds offered by a bookie with your predictions and placing hundreds of bets. You can do it manually

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