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Two possible replacements for Leroy Sane

[player 4783], for the last 3 years was one of the best in the [league 8]. His pace, his trickery, his end product were a big part of [team 9]’s attack. His head was turned a brief time ago when [team 503] enquired for him. Since then, his performances have declined slightly. With his move confirmed now, we look at two possible contenders who can arrive and provide what the player from [country 11] did. 

Douglas Costa

[player 32352] is speedy and incisive winger known for his trickery and quick feet. Plays typically on the right-wing but can play on either side of the central striker. This season in [team 625], he wasn’t on his best, but overall it was an uncertain season for the team under new management. He is reportedly unhappy with the amount of game time he is getting under [coach 455926]. The competitions for attacking positions and, more importantly, Sarri is not convinced with the player from [country 5] for some reason. 

He excelled under [coach 455361] when they were together at Bayern Munich. At his best, he is merely unplayable. We saw he benched the legendary [player 639] when he went to Munich. Pep Guardiola knows how excellent Costa is and how to get the best out of him tactically. So it looks like Douglas Costa might be the player Pep is looking for as his pace, trickery can be devastating. 

Jadon Sancho

A local Manchester lad grew up in the club’s academy. He left the club a couple of years ago in search of more playing time and what a decision that has turned out. For consecutive seasons, [player 538034] has recorded double figures in both goals and assists in [country 11]. His record for [team 68] has been simply outstanding. Still only 21 years of age, the future looks very bright.

Usually plays from the right-wing known for his direct runs in behind the opposition defense. His vision is another prime asset in his game. His crossing ability and passing range are brilliant, and his finishing is improving as well. He can provide healthy competition to [player 971], whose inconsistency is an issue for Pep Guardiola.

Douglas Costa and Jadon Sancho would be the names that might be a perfect match

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