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Tottenham vs Everton (0-1) Match Review

After a disappointing season, last time out for both the clubs, a good start was needed. [team 13] had the eyes on them after their significant summer activity as all the three new signings started the game. [coach 455800] initially started with a 4-2-3-1. Although, it looked like a diamond midfield at times. On the other hand, [team 6] were expected to show a good performance, given their strong end to last season. New signings [player 3884] and [player 1744] made their full debut. Jose’s side also lined up in a 4-2-3-1. (fixture details: [fixture 16924600]).

The first half

The first half saw the home side create some good opportunities on the counter-attacks—something you would expect from a [coach 455375] team. Wide players [player 4313] and [player 95998] were heavily involved, along with the overlapping runs of Matt Doherty

However, Everton were not too bad as well. The midfield saw World Cup star [player 96091] playing from the inside right channel and finding incisive passes. [player 2144] worked box to box with [player 129245] playing as a typical no.6. [player 159372] was the playmaker from deep and had a good effect. [player 219633] got the best chance in the first half for Everton when he was one on one with [player 1014]. However, the Brazilian ended up missing the opportunity to go ahead at half time.

Overall, Spurs looked more dangerous offensively in the first 45’. They took 5 shots, out of which 3 were on target and saved excellently by [player 1826]. It has to be said that Pickford’s work in the first half kept Everton in the game.

What changed in the second half?

In the second half, Mourinho sent [player 1380] on for [player 922], which surprised many. Later the game, Jose said it was a tactical switch as he wanted to attack the space either side of Everton’s Allan. However, the change didn’t work at all, and Spurs looked worse going forward. James Rodriguez started to receive the ball in small pockets and threatened the Spur’s defense.

Later, a free-kick was awarded, and [player 95368] was the man behind the ball. The Frenchman delivered an inviting ball that met perfectly with [player 5141]’s head, and Everton took the lead in minute 55’. However, there was a huge dispute regarding the positioning of the free-kick that was taken 5 meters ahead from where the foul took place. Mourinho sent Bergwijn on to add more pace and creativity in the attack. Still, Tottenham offensively were looking an absolute mess as the movement was horrible. They missed the passing ability of Lo Celso, but they still had the quality to play better.

On the other hand, Everton passed the ball well but could have been more clinical with their chances. They took 9 shots in the second half, with 3 of them going on target. Everton also attempted more dribbles and recorded a success rate of 92% (11/12). They statistically had less possession (46%), but they looked threatening when they got the ball.

The midfield four of James Rodriguez, Doucouré, Allan, and Andre Gomes worked exceptionally well. All four were complimenting each other’s strengths. Richarlison had a fine game but should have taken the chance in the first half. Calvert Lewin has started the season in the best possible way, and the fans will be expecting more from him.

A great start to the season for Everton, and expectations will raise for the season ahead. However, getting carried away could prove costly in the [league 8]. And for Tottenham, Jose has got to add more creativity, and he will be hoping Lo Celso’s return would make a difference.

A look at back Tottenham’s home loss in their first game against an Everton side with fresh faces.

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