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The Dawn of Bookmakers

It was the beginning of March, a nice sunny day. I woke up and went to do my job. After a year of programming and spending tens of thousands of £, there was a big project going live. I knew it was a great project and it might make a difference in the sports betting community. Now when the work on our side is done, it is time for football to do the job. Football forebets are sophisticated and as an extra we implemented even the football value bets. Both features include machine learning algorithms and with the analysis of the past the results of both – value bets and predictions were showing really good performance.

Suddenly something weird was happening

We were watching the news and were of course aware of some kind of strange virus in China, but it seemed so far and so insignificant… until Italy reported bad things going on. Then within a week all significant leagues went from running without restrictions to operating behind the closed doors to cancelling. Ok, I said. The plans are for 2 weeks, we can wait. Now it has been 2 months and we still don’t see any football league running. The good news is that there is already the light at the end of the tunnel and at least a plan to resume the football. We have already seen many of them, but now it seems realistic.

How Coronavirus affected sportsbook

First of all, these days people don’t really care about football nor any other sports like they used to. The heroes we looked up to are nothing more than people kicking the ball. Many people realized that football is only a game – a great one, but only a game. Real life is happening outside of the stadiums and the real heroes earn much less and stay out of the spotlight. Football became insignificant. People no more read articles about it, don’t watch the games. At the beginning of the crisis there were signs of people enjoying the great football moments from the past, but even that stopped. Maybe because living in the past fills people with emptiness.

Bookmakers going bankrupt?

We have seen some small bookies going out of business, but the majority is surviving with Virtual Sports. Not earning – surviving is the right word. Projects like Rowdie need a living football community to monetize the traffic. Recently with no interests in football we are not able to sell the advert space to any online bookmaker nor Google ads aren’t going to earn peanuts. As for now, let’s hope the light at the end of the tunnel is real.

We have seen some small bookies going due to corona out of business, but the majority is surviving with Virtual Sports and casino

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