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Steven Gerrard is not happy with the questions about his players’ motivation

What was the argument between Gerrard and the reporter?

When he was asked if Villa’s opponents have far more to play for than Gerrard’s side, he replied, “No they haven’t. No, they haven’t.”

One of the reporters argued: “A relegation and a title?”

The Aston Villa boss said, “Well, maybe from their point of view but I’m not involved in a relegation or a title, am I? I’m the Aston Villa manager. They’re three important points. We’ll have a full house there. We’ve got 20,000 people on a waiting list to come and watch the team so it’s my responsibility to win both games. Thank you.

“We want two positive results. We want to finish as strong as we can and we want to improve our league position. Obviously, they’re going to be two different challenges, we know that one fighting at the top-end of the league and one at the bottom. We need to prepare for both in the best way that we can. They’re coming within a short space of time so all of my players need to be ready because I’ll be very surprised if the team will be the same for both games.”

What impact would Aston Villa’s results have on the Premier League?

As much as [coach 50] will try to avoid these talks, somewhere inside himself, he knows how much his side’s results matter to teams on both ends of the table.

Aston Villa play Burnley in their next [league 8] game with the clarets in the midst of an intense relegation battle. Burnley are two points behind Everton, who play tonight at the same time against Crystal Palace.

[team 27] are in 17th position, a point behind [team 71] but with a game in hand over [coach 524552]’s side. If Aston Villa lose to Burnley, the battle to stay up will most likely be between Burnley and Leeds on the last day of the season.

Villa’s last match of the season is at the Etihad against [team 9]. A game where Villa could help [team 8] win the Premier League title. Of course, Steven Gerrard and his players won’t be focused on Liverpool and will try to win the game as usual, but a draw for [team 15] will mean the title for Liverpool if Klopp’s men defeat [team 29] at Anfield.

Liverpool fans will be cheering Steven Gerrard as they did years ago when he used to play at Anfield. Next Sunday, a dramatically romantic story could take place if Aston Villa get points off City and Wolves lose to Liverpool at Anfield.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With Aston Villa’s last two games of the season potentially having a huge impact on both ends of the table, Gerrard is unhappy with the questions he is being asked time and time and again.

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