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Soccer Betting – The value is not easy to find

There are regulated markets where you can not bet on greyhounds or horse racing. Do you know the reason? I guess you might have guessed it right. The mentioned markets plus a few more are not a “safe bet” for bookmakers. How come the competition is not pushing them to add those “sports” to their portfolio? The markets I am talking about contain of less than 10 operators and the competition there is not really a competition.

Football on the other hand is pretty well analysed and soccer betting odds cover most of the values. Within our mathematical football predictions we analyze thousands of odds and less than 5% contain a value. The value is most of the time not to be found on 3 way result or both teams to score. You can however find them in over/under or correct score.

How to have a better performance in Soccer betting?

Soccer betting might sound as an exciting job. One can imagine himself standing in the middle of the crowd watching closely every move of each player while enjoying the game. This notion is too romantic and far away from truth. It is indeed time that needs to be invested into improving the soccer betting performance, but watching the game is not the most important part. So, you better forget the idea of watching a game with a beer in your hand and simultaneously earning as a punter. The sad truth is that there is not much melodrama in soccer betting. Most of the time you study the numbers. You take the past results, squads, injuries and any relevant information about the club and do your own forecast.

Does it not work? Do it again. This actually means that you have to verify if your model is a good one and for this you have to be advanced in applied statistics. Do you still want to be a professional football punter?



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