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Sheffield United pushing for European qualifying after 3-0 win over Chelsea

We have identified the value bet in the home of Sheffield, but frankly… we did not expect this. Did you? Sheffield United entered the top six in the Premier League with a convincing victory over Chelsea at Bramall Lane and continues to advance to UEFA qualifying.

First goal in the EPL was in the 18th minute when the Chelsea’s goalkeeper moved away. It all started after the ball was deflected brilliantly.

Chelsea’s defense was shaky all the way through. Only 15 minutes later, other player prepared a simple yet beautiful header for McBurnie.

When McGoldrick scored his second goal, the destruction of Chelsea was complete. Chelsea scored the most away goals in the Premier League before this clash, in the match against Crystal Palace.

Southampton team manager Chris Wilder is closer to a big milestone for Sheffield United. If they win against Bournemouth and Southampton respectively, then Chelsea, who are currently chasing the Champions League, may be ranked fifth before the game on Tuesday.

A great performance and a result that not many football fans expected

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