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Predicting the results of other sports

When it comes to predictions, Rowdie is a football expert. We spent years trying to come up with the right formula to do the most accurate football predictions. And we did… Our football predictions are now divided into 4 groups and a good punter can take advantage of all of them. Yes. Rookie punters use only the predictions with a high predictability, while expert makes a lot of money on those with a poor predictability as well.

Have you ever wondered how the predictions work in the case of other sports? We actually did. There are sports that are take a similar approach than football. We have ice hockey, basketball and other sports where you simply take the past numbers and try to predict the future. For that you need ice hockey or basketball stats and twist the formula back and forth till you get some decent results.

The biggest issue is to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant statistics. What do you consider as relevant might be completely different than the bookmaker thinks. There however might be (must be) some kind of correlation between the the different, but relevant stats. And this is the magic.

But there are indeed sports that take a completely different approach. We were always amazed by box and wondered how the hell do you come up with fair odds for box. What objective statistics do you consider to be the best predictor?

We believe that there is a need for different kind of expert for that. While football or basketball get predicted by mathematicians, sports like MMA or box get predicted by experts who actually understand the sport. We strongly believe there is a big chunk of feeling behind it. What do you think?

Fair odds are about statistics and numbers until they are not

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