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Jurgen Klopp reflects upon the frustrating draw against Fulham

What did Jurgen Klopp say about the game?

In his post-match press conference, he talked about the first-half performance saying, “So, we started actually exactly the opposite way that we wanted – first pass outside Robbo, Robbo passed the ball back, it’s just a little sign. Nothing happened there, but we said we have to break lines, and what we did, we played into their hands. Fulham obviously defends in a 4-4-2, it’s a really good system, we realised it a couple of times, especially when the opponent is not playing quick enough because then you always have the winger, the eight and the striker there in a situation when you pass the ball to the other side – it’s a pressing trigger. Because of that, we didn’t find a way in the game. So when we overplayed that, pretty much always we were in front of their goal, but it still didn’t feel good, feel right. Because we are used to more dominance, and we never could get that because we just played not good enough, not quick enough, not precise enough, all these kind of things.

That’s why I said now a couple of times already, it’s not my first interview, the best news about this game is the result, so I am really fine with the point. I know we could’ve won the game, that wouldn’t have made our performance a little bit better, but we could have, but it would have been too much today.

He added, “I am happy for the punishment we got with losing two points if you want. I know you can see that differently – Fulham might say as well they lost two points – but that’s how football is. We all can see it our way. But again, the most positive thing is the result.”

When asked about how frustrating the match was, Klopp said, “You really want to know on a scale of one to 10? Twelve. Very. First of all, I have said it a couple of times, I feel much more responsible for defeats than if you win, and that’s, unfortunately, my nature. The performance was a defeat – the result is not a defeat, but the performance was a defeat, and that’s why we have to figure out what happened. It can happen. And again, if we win today and don’t learn anything from the game, much worse than getting a point and learn the right things – I’m fine with that. So that’s what we are working on now. That’s not us today, it was not us today. I don’t want to take anything away from Fulham, they did really well, but to be 100 per cent honest, we were in front of the goal and should’ve scored, so that’s the truth as well. We played a really bad game and get a point, so that’s all a truth as well. But playing the way we played is not how we should play, and that’s why my frustration about that is pretty high.”

Jurgen Klopp on Thiago’s injury and lack of depth in midfield

The Liverpool boss said, “I know what will now come up, it’s clear. We said we don’t need a midfielder because we have enough – and we actually have enough, but the problem now is we get punished for something that is not our responsibility really because things like this can happen.

“Nobody could imagine that Curtis gets the thing he gets; it is nothing serious, but he is a young boy, and it is a kind of stress reaction. Bodies are like this. Naby is only ill, and he will now be back definitely next week again. Oxlade happened early, and now with Thiago, that is, of course, not good, and we will see.

“Look, a transfer must make sense now and in the long term; we have midfielders, we have still enough midfielders. It is not that we lack midfielders, but it’s just some of them are injured.

“This is not a good situation, I don’t like it at all, but we have to see how we react on that – but for sure, not panicking.”

What did Liverpool lack against Fulham?

Liverpool were extremely poor in the game against Fulham. After that win against [team 9] in the Community Shield, the reds were expected to start the new season on fire. However, the performance against Fulham was dreadful.

They were terrible in possession, and the pressing out of possession was ineffective as Fulham broke the lines quite easily. This was surprising as Klopp’s midfield has always been the best at suffocating opposition and quickly winning the ball back.

However, it was in possession where Liverpool lacked creativity, invention and guile. January signing [player 241036] on the left side was ineffective. [player 4125] did well in the second half but was unnoticeable in the first.

Do Liverpool need to sign a new midfielder?

[player 197] and [player 323] are great leaders, talkers and effective midfielders but not the most gifted in possession. [player 32640] and [player 850] are both talented goal-scoring midfielders but have consistent injury issues. [player 23269836] and [player 21412957] are exciting and brilliant young players. They have the skillset that Liverpool require. However, they are a bit too young at the moment to take on weekly pressure. [player 31857] is world-class but is now in his thirties and picked up a knock against [team 11].

Liverpool don’t have any midfielder who impacts both boxes and scores important goals when the front three are struggling. [player 1365] used to do that a lot for them, but since his departure, they have lacked someone with that effect.

This summer, Liverpool were reportedly going to sign [player 37255840] from [team 68]. However, then decided to back off despite the player’s interest in joining the reds. [player 130117] from [team 2930] was another potential target, but little interest was shown. A similar thing happened with [player 96870], who later joined [team 6].

As much as [coach 455353] talks about not requiring a midfielder, it’s evident they need one. If Liverpool don’t get someone in this window, they could regret this massively in the future.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

Fulham hosted Liverpool on matchday one, and the away side’s performance was way below usual standards as Marco Silva’s side earned a deserved point.

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