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James Milner praises Konate’s performances in training

What did Milner say about Konate?

Speaking to the club’s website, “He certainly looks like a central defender! He’s obviously very strong, he’s good on the ball, a very good defender positionally. I’ve not seen much of him in training but a couple of things he has done have stood out.

“It’s a strange situation: you obviously go from last season not having too many centre-halves and now we’ve got top-class centre-halves all over the place! It’s fantastic. Nat (Phillips) is obviously here and Davo ( [player 6285] ), Rhys ( [player 4545525] ) obviously and all the guys in there – it’s a great standard of centre-half that we’ve got with everyone pushing each other and that’s exactly what you need. ”

How will Konate make Liverpool better?

It doesn’t take a mastermind to point out Liverpool’s weakness last season. The moment [player 1743]  got injured against [team 13], the feeling around the [team 8] fanbase was clear. Deep inside, they knew that defending the [league 8] title was now, nearly impossible.

However, what followed after the Dutchman’s injury was unbelievable. His partners, [player 1453] and [player 1920] also picked up long term injuries. [player 96099] and Henderson had to step into defensive positions before they got injured. Fabinho did come back and ended the season well but [player 323]’s absence was massive.

Liverpool, however, ended the season with five wins in a row which included that dramatic win away at [team 10]. The way [player 1494396] rose to the occasion was sensational. Even though his distribution isn’t good enough, but his aggression and physicality helped Liverpool way more than expected. As a result, the reds finished third in a season where a top-four finish was looking unlikely a couple of months earlier.

If Liverpool had [player 100556] last season, they would have at least challenged [city 9] in some ways. Konate is a brilliant young defender who has got a lot of similarities with Van Dijk. He is quick, physically strong and reads the game well for a guy of his age.

Not only next season, but for the next decade he could be a massive player for Liverpool. As for the next few years, he could build up a partnership with Van Dijk and learn from him before becoming the main guy in the backline once Van Dijk leaves. Considering his impressive potential along with a young age, Liverpool might just have signed a future star.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

Liverpool’s new signing, Ibrahima Konate’s performances in training have impressed their veteran star, James Milner.

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