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Is Neymar coming back to Barcelona?

Neymar does not want to extend his contract with French PSG, which runs until 2022. FC Barcelona wanted to bring Neymar back last summer, but the price PSG asked was too high.

Nevertheless, it seems clear that even if PSG is recently refusing any talks about the transfer, the club is basically ready to let Neymar go after the current season is over. There are basically 2 big reasons for that. First reason is the attitude of Neymar, showing how much he wants to go away from PSG. Another reason is his bad relationship with PSG sports director Leonardo.

Just a remainder, back then the 27 years old football player joined Paris Saint-Germain for an incredible 222 million euros setting a new transfer record amount.

When the Corona crisis is over, the two clubs are expected to resume the transfer talks and we can most likely expect the mega transfer to come true.

We have not heard much of the PSG - Brcelona talks about Neymar lately

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