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Is Harry Kane Leaving Tottenham Hotspur?

The summer transfer window closes on the 31st August. This is not long away and this means that football teams have got to move quickly if they want to sign certain players for the season ahead. In particular, there have been a lot of players that have improved at the Euro 2020 competition. One of them is England captain, [player 997]. He is thought to want to leave [team 6], but the club is not thrilled about selling him. So, the big question is; will a deal be reached for the striker before the summer transfer window closes?

Harry Kane Looking for a Way Out

At the end of last season, Harry Kane informed Tottenham Hotspur that he wanted to leave. The reason behind this was because he wanted to win major trophies and he obviously felt he had a better chance to do this elsewhere. But, we know that the chairman of the club, Daniel Levy, does not want to sell the England international and captain.

It is believed that the club turned down a huge offer from [team 9] for Harry Kane during the summer. This is thought to be in the region of £100 million, which would be a record in the British transfer window. But, Harry Kane still has three years to go on his contract, which is six years in total. Every club is looking to strengthen their squad ahead of the new season. Click here to find out the football betting odds for the English Premier League for the 2021/2022 season.

It is thought that the only way Tottenham Hotspur will think about selling Harry Kane is if Manchester City offer at least £150 million. This is the number that the club thinks that the striker is worth and this is only when they are going to start negotiating. They are not interested in receiving other players either heading into a new season.

Building on His Success at the Euros

One thing we do know about Harry Kane is that he is set to be involved against Wolves in the English Premier League. He travels with the squad and will probably play in the starting eleven. He has only been training with the team for around one week and has had to isolate. This was due to returning from a vacation and he did miss the first two fixtures with Tottenham. Of course, this was something that has caused a lot of speculation. Indeed, there was a rumor flying around that Harry Kane had refused to train with the team. However, this has been something that he denied and that missing out on training was planned with his vacation in Barbados.

Harry Kane has had a great career at Tottenham Hotspur. He has scored around 221 goals for the club in about 336 appearances. Indeed, he has been a big part of the team for eight years and he will be a striker that they miss in North London. But, he wants to reach new heights and wants to win silverware.

After the Euros, everyone wants to know what is happening next with Harry Kane. Click here to find out more

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