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How Salt Bae humiliated football

We live in a weird era, the era of a weird currency. The currency I am talking about is called attention and it is not as harmless as it might seem. People seek attention and many times are willing to push it further as one might like.  A great example was World Cup final in Qatar between France and Argentina. This match was one of the best matches I have ever seen… but something really disturbing happened at the end.

On December 18, 2022, the world tuned in to watch the highly anticipated World Cup Final between France and Argentina in Qatar. However, what should have been a momentous occasion for both teams and their fans was overshadowed by the disrespectful behavior of Salt Bae, a popular Turkish chef and restaurateur.

Who is Salt Bae?

For those unfamiliar with Salt Bae, he rose to fame in 2017 for his signature move of sprinkling salt on meat in a flamboyant manner. He has since become a social media sensation, with millions of followers on various platforms. However, his fame has also brought controversy and criticism, with many accusing him of being arrogant and self-absorbed. Are you not sure what am I talking about? Check out his Instagram.

What happened after the WC final? On the day of the World Cup Final, Salt Bae was in attendance at the stadium, and his behavior during the match was nothing short of inappropriate. As the match was underway, he was seen taking selfies and filming himself on his phone, completely ignoring the action on the field. This behavior is not only disrespectful to the players and fans, but it also shows a complete lack of appreciation for the gravity of the occasion.

Furthermore, Salt Bae was seen eating and drinking throughout the match, again showing a lack of respect for the athletes and the game. His actions were particularly offensive considering the match was being held in Qatar, a country that has strict laws on alcohol consumption. Are you not sure what narcissistic behavior looks like? What Salt Bae showed was a great example of that. The disrespectful behavior of Salt Bae did not go unnoticed by fans and social media users, who quickly took to various platforms to express their outrage. Many called for him to be banned from future sporting events and accused him of tarnishing the reputation of the World Cup.

What the hell is a Turk doing on the field?

Salt Bae’s behavior is not only disrespectful, but it also perpetuates negative stereotypes about Turkish people. As a public figure with millions of followers, Salt Bae has a responsibility to be a role model and to behave in a way that reflects positively on his country. Instead, he chose to act in a way that was selfish and self-absorbed, showing a complete lack of respect for others.

In the wake of the controversy, Salt Bae issued a public apology, stating that he was “deeply sorry” for his behavior and that he “didn’t mean to offend anyone.” However, many have criticized his apology as insincere and lacking in genuine remorse. Did anyone think the apology was a sincere one? None of the football fans did – one can be sure about that!

The disrespectful behavior of Salt Bae at the World Cup Final is a reminder of the importance of respecting others and being mindful of one’s actions. As a public figure, Salt Bae has a responsibility to set a good example and to be mindful of the impact of his behavior on others. It is hoped that this incident will serve as a lesson for Salt Bae and others to be more respectful and considerate in the future.

The behavior of Salt Bae is not only disrespectful to the players and fans, but it also shows a complete lack of appreciation for the gravity of the occasion

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