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Gerrard on getting Coutinho back on his best

What did Gerrard say?

[coach 50] said, “One of the keys was to get him back up to speed and we are still working on that.

“He can get stronger and fitter and he will get there when he gets more practice and more games. Then, he also had to find a taste for football. Be surrounded by the group, smile and enjoy playing.

“You can see in his matches that he does. It was like crazy to come back to the [league 8] and we gave him all the conditions to do so and enjoy it.”

Short Summary of Countinho Career

Coutinho was sensational at [team 8] as [coach 455353] built much of the game around the Brazilian’s creativity. However, Coutinho had aspirations and hence moved to [team 83], a team that was solely built around [player 184798]. A move that cost Barca around 140 million turned into one of the biggest flops ever. Coutinho never settled at Barca, and his performances were abysmal.

He went to [team 503] on loan, where he did have spells of brilliance. However, he was never a regular starter with players like [player 30286], [player 942] and [player 31002] ahead of him. Coutinho did win a [league 2] that year and looked much happier in Germany. Bayern did not resign Coutinho, and he returned to Spain.

What is Coutinho’s best position?

It is easy to say that players like Coutinho have a very specific way of being used in a team to get the best out of their natural ability. Some common examples in this category would be James, [player 1430], etc. These players would perform poorly if the team does not complement their strengths. [player 96091] was one of the world’s emerging talents but never settled well in [team 3468] because the team was not built around him.

Steven Gerrard’s move to [team 15] has made that club more attractive for bigger players. Coutinho signed for Villa, and in his debut game against [team 14], he was influential in completing a stunning comeback. Also, his assist against [team 71] for the [player 11705406] goal was sublime.

Steven Gerrard is using him perfectly. Coutinho is similar to [player 129602] and [player 1371] but maybe not on the same level as those two. He needs runners ahead of him and constant movement. His vision and technical ability allows him to do incredible stuff but only when the players around him are suited for that sort of vision.

Having worked with him during his younger days, Gerrard knows Coutinho well. We all know there is serious talent inside the little Brazilian. Gerrard famously calls him ‘a a magician’. Deploying him as a no.10 with fast attackers around him has been key in Coutinho’s excellent so far.

Still only 29 years old, there are enough years left in him. Under the guidance of Gerrard, he could be pivotal in driving Villa up the table in upcoming years.

Author: Devashish Akolekar

With the Brazilian superb start to his Villa career, his former teammate and current coach Steven Gerrard speaks on the keys to get him back in top form.

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