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Dutch Eredivisie most likely over for the season 2019/20

Bad news from [country 38] as the government decides to extend the ban on major sports events till September 1st. Today, Wednesday April 22 announced the [league 80] to cancel the season and now The Dutch Football Association “intends not to continue” the men’s [league 72] season.

Unlike the [team 8]’s dominance in the [league 8], Eredivisie has some big fights ahead as [team 629] and [team 61] have both 56 points. Even [team 73] with 6 points behind has still a decent chance to gain the title. Eredivisie season 2020/2021 is scheduled to start on August 15th and this means the dates with the recently postponed season collide.

The Netherlands with over 35 000 confirmed corona cases and over 4000 deaths is gaining control but there are still over 700 new cases per day.

In the Dutch Eredivisie the start of season 2020/2021 and the postponement of the recent 2019/2020 season collide

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