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Decoding Live Betting Odds: A Guide for European Football Enthusiasts

Live betting is a thrilling engagement for most European football enthusiasts. You can bet live on the sportsbook of your choice during upcoming European football games. EURO 2024 is closing out on July 14, 2024, so there’s still some time to make wagers on those upcoming games. The 2024 to 2025 season for the Premier League begins on August 17, 2024, which gives you time to strategize on how you will be implementing your live betting strategy for those early matchups. 

Understanding Live Betting Odds

Live betting odds are unique in contrast to futures odds for European football. The odds when live betting change every minute if not every second of gameplay. These odds are refined depending on which team has more possession of the ball than the other, if any player injuries occur, and the star players on each team. While there may be crowd favorites, it’s best to not ignore the possibility of the underdog coming out on top. 


With that being said, let’s discuss the difference between decimal odds, fractional odds, and moneyline odds and how they contribute overall to live betting odds in European football. 

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are more popularly utilized when doing live bets for European football. To calculate possible returns on your bet, you would multiply the stake by the original bet amount. If odds are 3.5 and your original bet was 20 euros, then you would earn 75 euros. 

Fractional Odds

Bettors from the United Kingdom are used to making fractional odds which, based on its name, are presented in the form of a fraction. An example of a fractional odd would be 4/3. In this case, the numerator, which is 4, shows the profit amount and the denominator, which is 3 for this example, displays the stake. Hence, this example shows that a 3 euro bet could turn into a 4 euro profit if it wins, which means netting 7 euros. 

Moneyline Odds

Moneyline odds are more commonly placed amongst American bettors. Even these types of bets are popular across various live betting platforms. The positive and negative sign beside the numbers displaying the odds show what amount of money is needed to win 100 euros back or what you can win from placing a 100 euro bet. A +300 odd means that a 100 euro bet could win you 300 euros if the bet is successful whereas -120 equates to having to make a 120 euro bet just to get 100 euros back. 

Key Factors Contributing To Live Betting Odds

There are some key factors that contribute to the status of live betting odds. Paying attention to said factors can make or break your live betting strategy that could contribute to your success or failure in the engagement. 

Current Scoreline

What is the current score between the teams? Is the crowd favorite maintaining a crisp defense and a good offense to make scores or is the underdog taking over? 

Time Remaining

Time remaining during a match seriously contributes to overall odds. As the end of the game nears, odds may lower for the winning team officially being victorious because the losing team may clamor for a final score to turn the tides of the game. 

Player Performance and Injuries

How are players performing? Have any injuries occurred? Has the coach decided to make substitutions? It’s best to keep updated on these changes as they will definitely change the odds of specific bets happening. 

Weather Conditions

If the weather changes during a football match, it could shift the odds into a different direction. Going from intense heat that could decrease player stamina to heavy rain could help a team to keep up their defenses if they perform well in that weather. 

Momentum Shifts

Is one team able to be in possession of the ball more than the other? Are key players losing stamina and not performing as well as they usually do for whatever reason? These factors and others can cause momentum shifts that change live betting odds. 


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