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3 Ways You Can Bet on AFL Games from a Different Country

Sports betting is a known pastime worldwide, with different ways people bet on a sport. Due to the risks that one would associate with sports betting, there are guidelines in place that enable people to bet safely, with the area one lives being a crucial factor for that. That said, how can one bet on sports from another country?

The Australian Football League (AFL) is a close upcoming sports event, with its 2023 season beginning March 16. Do you have plans to bet on any AFL game? Here are different situations, plus some ways you can still bet in the AFL even when you’re from another country. We’ll also throw in some tips you need to do before you start betting.

Visiting Australia (If you live Overseas): Look Up a Registered Operator

If you are a non-Australian who has purchased tickets to see the event live, or you just so happened to be in the country while the AFL season is up, you can look for a place or site in Australia to bet on AFL games.

Australia generally permits sports betting, whether in-person or online, with variations depending on the state you are in. There are just typically two conditions: you must be over 18, and you should bet on a licensed operator, whether physical or online.

For example, if you are in North Adelaide, where some of the AFL games will be held, you will have many betting options, with 4.2% of the population participating in sports betting. You could look for venues like sports bars or clubs with registered Totalisator Agency Boards, which can accept bets for various events.

Alternatively, you can go online and look for a sports betting site. You can easily bet on sports events online in Australia, but you must ensure the website is licensed. A sports betting site will be a great option if you want to make multiple bets across different games for the AFL season or any event in the country you like. It is a convenient operator that saves you more time enjoying the games.

If you plan to visit Australia for the game and want to bet on the AFL matches, it would greatly help to research the betting options available in the state you want to stay in.

Away in Another Country (As an Australian): Look for Registered Betting Operators in the Area

If you live in Australia but just so happened to be or will be in another country when the AFL season takes place, you can still place bets. First, you need to see if the country allows sports betting. If it does, you will find licensed betting operators offering different events.

However, the question remains: do these operators receive bets from the AFL event? Usually, many betting places take bets for events in different countries, like international events or events from another internationally well-known country. You can look up betting operators in your area and ask if you can bet on AFL games through their platform.

On the other hand, if you do not have the time to go to a physical betting operator to bet, you can opt for online sportsbooks. There is a good chance that if the country allows sports betting, you will have a fair share of sports betting sites to choose from, specifically online sports betting.

When looking for a site, there are two things you need to check. Firstly, see to it that the site is a licensed betting operator. You can look for a license on the site itself, check their legitimacy among review sites, or search a list of legitimate sites to be sure. Lastly, check if they receive bets for AFL games. These online betting sites may have more options than physical operators.

But what if you already have an account for a sports betting site in Australia? Do you still need to look for a site in the country you’re in? Yes. This is because most sports betting sites are confined to the country or territory they are in. So if you have an account for a site in Australia, chances are operations will be only available in Australia. Even using a VPN to access the site is likely prohibited as well.

So if you’re overseas and you want to bet on any sporting event, your options will be confined to the legitimate betting operators where you are.

For Non-Australians Betting From Home: Look for Betting Spots or Sites With AFL Betting

If you don’t live in Australia, are not Australian, but enjoy the AFL, and want to bet on a game or two, your only options are confined to where you live. Assuming you’re in a country where betting is allowed, you only need to look up any registered betting operator, in-person or online, and see that they receive AFL bets.

The simplest way to do so is to look it up online. Go to a search engine and look for sportsbooks in your area that have the AFL 2023 season. You may want to opt for a sports betting site, as they could be more likely to offer out-of-country sporting events. But if you frequent a physical sportsbook, you can always ask them.

But what is the most important part?

One of the most necessary things one must consider is that wherever you live, always make sure that your country or the country you’re currently in allows sports betting. If it does, research the basic betting laws and abide by them to avoid trouble. With that, you can check for legitimate betting spots and sites and see if they have the sporting events you want.

Australia generally permits sports betting, whether in-person or online, with variations depending on the state you are in

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